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We appreciate what you do as an educational professional to counsel students through their college search and application process. We want to ensure you have the resources you need to be successful in discussing UGA with your students. Below, we have provided a list of FAQs for high school counselors. 

Frequently Asked Questions for High School Counselors

What are UGA's application deadlines for First-Year admission?

Our deadlines are consistent from year-to-year.

For First-Year applicants, the Early Action deadline is October 15 and the Regular Decision deadline is January 1. 

What was the First-Year student profile for last year's accepted class?

You can find information about last year's accepted students on our First-Year Student Profile page. 

Where can I find the high school evaluation and teacher recommendation forms?

All First-Year applicants must have a school evaluation submitted on their behalf. All First-Year students applying may submit an optional teacher recommendation

How can I submit the student's transcripts?

To submit formal transcripts, the majority of high schools use Parchment, Naviance, or GAFutures.org (for Georgia high schools). If your high school does not participate with these programs, you may submit a PDF version of the transcript to us via the Counselor Portal or mail it in.

Should I advise my student to apply Early Action or Regular Decision?

The decision to apply Early Action or Regular Decision is one that all students should make with the consultation of their family and guidance counselor. It is not easier nor is it more difficult to earn admission under either plan as the academic criteria used in each plan are identical.

The difference is that under Regular Decision, students have more time to work on their application and submit later test scores and transcripts.  The difference between the two decision plans is about timing rather than the review process. Early Action students need to be comfortable with UGA reviewing their application and all supplemental materials as of October 15th.

Applying Early Action does not demonstrate a stronger level of interest in attending UGA, and UGA does not take a student's demonstrated interest in attending into consideration in the admissions process. Students are encouraged to apply under the decision plan where they feel they can best represent their strengths and showcase their abilities. Regular Decision affords more time to take the SAT or ACT and we may also be able to consider your first-semester senior year grades. 

What is UGA's preference - AP/IB coursework or dual enrollment?

Both AP/IB as well as dual enrollment courses are forms of rigor. However, we hope that a student will first maximize their high school experience before moving to dual enrollment.

What are the core academic requirements for admission to UGA?

The state-mandated College Prep Curriculum (CPC) requires that incoming First-Year students have a minimum of 17 courses in the following academic areas:

  • 4 English courses
  • 4 Mathematics courses
  • 4 Science courses*
  • 3 Social science courses
  • 2 Foreign Language courses in the same language

Academic Electives: UGA suggests that students pursue the most rigorous curriculum appropriate to their ability levels, core GPA and curriculum difficulty are the two most important factors in First-Year admission decisions. 

*UGA respects that other states have different graduation requirements. Although the majority of our students will have 4 sciences courses, we realize many out-of-state students will not. Please note: this does not negatively affect out-of-state student's admission application review. 

Can I check the completion and status of my student's application?

High school counselors may review a student's application through the Counselor Portal

What do students need to complete their application?

Early Action  Regular Decision
Application  Application
Short Essays Short Essays
Application Fee Application Fee
Official High School Transcript  Official High School Transcript
Official SAT/ACT Report, received electronically from the testing agency*             Official SAT/ACT Report, received electronically from the testing agency*
High School Evaluation Form   High School Evaluation Form
Optional Teacher Recommendation* Optional Teacher Recommendation*

*We ask that the recommendation be provided by a teacher who taught the student in the junior or senior year in a core academic course. 

Who is the UGA representative assigned to my high school?

UGA Admissions Officers have assigned geographical territories in order to best serve students and schools.  Refer to the Meet the Staff page to find your representative.

What if the student is the valedictorian or salutatorian of our Georgia high school?

UGA guarantees admission to students graduating as the valedictorian or salutatorian of any SACS accredited Georgia high school, if these applicants meet Board of Regents requirements and submit an admission application with supporting documents by the deadline. We must have documented proof of the student's rank from the student's high school. 

What is the Georgia Certificate of Merit Program, and how can I submit a nomination?

The Georgia Certificate of Merit Program recognizes the top 5% or students in the junior class. Nominations and submission instructions will be available in January.

How does a student pursue Move on When Ready (formerly Dual Enrollment) at UGA?

For a small number of highly qualified applicants, the opportunity to be a Move on When Ready (formerly Dual Enrollment) student is a viable option. Prospective students living in the Athens area have the opportunity to take classes part-time at UGA while still enrolled in high school. Please visit our Move on When Ready page for more information 

Contact us

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