Are You Ready?

  David Graves      July 6th, 2017

Summer is a time for vacations, part-time jobs, and relaxation. But for rising HS seniors, it is also time to prepare for the college application process. I am not suggesting you have everything ready to submit an application on opening day of the UGA application (September 1 by the way), but only that you have some things laid out in order to be on top of the process. In our research concerning last year’s applicant pool, there was a dramatic dip in both admission rates and strength of essays for students who either waited until the last minute to apply or who spent only a few days working on the application. In saying this, here are a few suggestions on steps to take get ready to apply to UGA. Map out your college application plan. If you are like most students, you will apply to 3-5 colleges. If this is the case, you will have to track the deadlines, materials time lines and actions needed for all of these colleges. Get a calendar (electronic or paper) just for admissions time lines, and enter in the deadline dates, scholarship dates, campus programs, deposit dates, etc. for all these colleges. This is the best way to keep this process organized and to not miss out on something. The worst calls we handle are when a student did not do X by a certain deadline and we can’t do anything for them except say sorry. Get prepared. Before you start your application, you will […]

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Getting Ready to Apply

  David Graves      August 8th, 2016

The 2017 Freshman application will open up on September 1, so here are a few things to help prepare for this process. Always take care of things well before a deadline. A student who applies and submits all documents well before a deadline shows that they are the type of person who does not wait until the last moment to do things, from applying to studying to going to class. If X university is number one on your list of colleges, act like it. We do not make different decisions based on this, but it helps everyone involved. Be prepared when you sit down to start the application. Before you start your application, make sure you have the following items on hand; your correct Social Security Number (SSN), a copy of your transcript which shows grades from 9th through 11th grade, a copy of your resume, your SAT/ACT/AP scores (for entering in the score area, but if you have sent them to UGA already, they will show up on the app), and your counselor’s contact information including email. As well, have your payment information handy (either a credit card number or a digital copy of a fee waiver). Our new application system has you enter in your counselor’s contact info and email when you apply, so make sure to have it handy. Proofread your application before you submit it. I am not just talking about proofreading your essays, but instead checking your whole application to make sure you are giving us the […]

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  David Graves      June 15th, 2016

Act 1, Scene 1 of Deciding on Dinner. Setting is the family kitchen. Father, Mother, Son and Daughter are standing around the kitchen island: Dad:  “I have a great idea. Who wants to go out to eat tonight?” Son (looking up from his phone): “Sorry, did you say something?” Daughter (glaring at brother): “He said he wanted to go out to eat. That’s great, but no Asian food. I had that yesterday.” Mother: “And no fast food. We don’t need anymore fast food.” Son: “I need a cheeseburger. We can go wherever, as long as I can get a cheeseburger.” Dad: “Well it needs to be somewhere close. I want to watch the Red Sox’s on TV tonight. How about (insert restaurant name here).” Daughter: “I’m so tired of (insert restaurant name here). We always eat there. How about (insert 2nd restaurant name here).” Mother: “No way. That place is too expensive, and the food isn’t worth the cost.” Son: “I have a great idea. Let’s go to (insert 2nd restaurant name here).” Mother: “I said no fast food. What do not not get about ‘no fast food’ (using air quotes).” Dad (looking exasperated): “How about I just pick up a pizza.”  Fade to black, dad walking out through kitchen door, shoulders slumped.   Every day, we all make choices. What to wear, where to eat, what comment/photo to like, what to do tonight, etc. We make choices all the time, based on our likes/dislikes, proximity, finances, friends, and a […]

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2016 Freshman Application is Open

  David Graves      September 2nd, 2015

The 2016 Freshman application is now open! Here are a few key steps about what to do after you submit an application.  A day or so after you apply, we will load your application into our system.  You will then be able to log into the myStatus page. This is where you will be able to enter your counselor’s email for the school/counselor evaluation and check on the status of your required supplemental items. We are okay if your counselor chooses to send in a counselor form through Parchment instead. Be patient as we load your application into our our system and match up test scores and supporting documents. Test scores are loaded on Tuesdays and Fridays, and are not always sent immediately by the testing agency. We suggest giving our office 5-10 business days to match up items, so you not need to send items multiple times. Documents (transcripts, counselor/school evaluations, etc.) that are sent prior to applying take a little while longer than items sent after applying, so we suggest sending in materials after you apply. We accept electronic documents such as GACollege411 transcripts, Parchment (an electronic document system) documents and our own counselor form, as these get to us much quicker than printed documents that are mailed. We are okay with mailed documents (but do not suggest this option), but it takes more time to get to us through the mail, opened, scanned and into a file than with electronic documents. Starting in 2016, we have given […]

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The 2014 First Year Application is Now Available

  David Graves      September 3rd, 2013

We have now opened the Fall 2014 First Year Application.  This does not mean we are encouraging you to submit an application immediately.  Your deadline to apply for First Year admission for Early Action is October 15.  The Regular Decision application deadline is January 15. Take your time and plan ahead.  Gather all the information you will need prior to starting the application.  Verify that you have your correct Social Security Number, get a copy of your high school transcript to help when self-reporting your grades, and if you have a resume, use it to fill out the leadership and activities sections completely.  Students who hurry to complete the application will often make mistakes.  Remember that there is no admissions advantage to submitting your application on the first day it goes live.  UGA will look at you the same way as any other student who applies by the deadline. Don’t forget to read our previous post that addresses many of our frequently asked questions for First Year applicants. Thank you for your interest in the University of Georgia and remember, take your time. Go Dawgs!

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