UGA Online

UGA only offers one online undergraduate degree completion program which is the Bachelor of Science in Special Education. This upper-division program allows students with sufficient coursework and prerequisites to complete a degree from the University of Georgia online.

As this program has unique application processes and requirements, applicants should first communicate with the program coordinator for the program of choice. Click here to apply to the Bachelor of Science in Special Education online degree completion program.

Students not enrolled at UGA, but wishing to take UGA undergraduate online courses must first be admitted to the University. You will need to apply and be accepted in one of the following categories.

You are eligible for transfer admission consideration to the undergraduate programs on UGA’s Online campuses if you have:

  • 60 or more completed hours of transferable credit by the application deadline,*
  • graduated from high school at least 12 months prior to the term of intended enrollment,
  • completed at least one year of college by the term of intended enrollment, and
  • a 2.8 or higher calculated transfer GPA.
  • Tifton, Griffin, or Online campuses require Program Coordinator Authorization.

* For Spring of 2025 and beyond, the transfer consideration level for students with 60 or more completed hours of transfer credit will change to a 3.00 or higher calculated transfer GPA.

Applicants with less than 30 completed transferable credit hours as of the application deadline are ineligible for transfer consideration and will be denied admission. In-progress classes will not count towards your 30 completed transferable credit hours.
Admission Deadlines

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