Former UGA Undergraduate

Former UGA undergraduate applicants are students who were previously enrolled and attended undergraduate classes at the University of Georgia, are no longer enrolled, and now wish to register again for UGA undergraduate classes.

Begin by first reviewing the Registrar’s Former Application Information. This page explains whether, how, and when you should fill out the Registrar’s former student re-enrollment application. If you were last regularly enrolled at UGA less than one year prior to the term of your intended re-enrollment, you may already be eligible to register for classes without having to submit an application. The website’s Readmitted Former Student Information page also provides detailed information about your transition to enrollment after you are readmitted, such as your MyID account, majors, necessary health forms, transcripts from any other colleges you may have attended, and class registration.  

Please note, there are two exceptions for former Transient students and Graduate/Professional school students.

If you were previously enrolled at UGA only as a Transient undergraduate or you were only enrolled in our Graduate or Professional Schools, and your goal is to be regularly enrolled in undergraduate classes (i.e., become UGA Degree eligible), you will apply to Undergraduate Admissions as a Transfer student. Follow our transfer admission procedures, deadlines and other requirements on our Transfer applicant website. Former Transient students wishing to re-enroll only for another transient term must identify themselves as Transient applicants on the Transient admission application. 

Admission Deadlines

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