Former UGA Undergraduate

Former/Returning Student Definitions

Former UGA undergraduate applicants are students who were previously enrolled as degree-seeking undergraduates at UGA, completed at least one semester, are no longer enrolled and now wish to register again for UGA undergraduate classes. 

If you were last regularly enrolled at UGA less than one year prior to the term of your intended re-enrollment, you may already be eligible to register for classes without having to submit an application.

You can review the former/returning student deadlines and can begin an application by clicking the button below and selecting the Former/Returning Student application type.

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Readmission after dismissal

If you were previously dismissed from UGA for any reason, you must complete two items to be considered for readmission to UGA.

  1. Contact the dean’s office of the college or school at UGA in which you were last enrolled (even if you would like to be readmitted in a different program/college).
  2. Submit a former student application before the deadline of the desired term of re-enrollment. You may submit the application before the dismissal is cleared.

Note: Dismissal clearance means a student is cleared to apply for readmission, not that a student is automatically readmitted or reenrolled following clearance.

Former Transient, Graduate, or Professional Students

If you were previously enrolled at UGA only as a Transient undergraduate or you were only enrolled in our Graduate or Professional Schools (Law, Pharmacy, Vet Med), and your goal is to be regularly enrolled in undergraduate classes to earn a degree, you should apply as a Transfer student. Follow our transfer admission procedures, deadlines and other requirements on our Transfer applicant webpage. Former Transient students wishing to re-enroll only for another transient term should complete another Transient admission application.

Admission Deadlines

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