Transient & Guest

UGA is glad to welcome transient and guest students to Athens, Griffin, Tifton-based or online courses during the Summer term. UGA transient students must be currently enrolled “in good standing” at another college or university. There are some limitations to UGA transient admission:  Enrollment is only for one term. Credit you earn is UGA Degree Eligible; it will be used for your degree at your home institution, and it also can be considered for later gaining UGA transfer admission on a limited basis.

Because you are not working toward a UGA degree, you will not be assigned an advisor, have your credit from other colleges evaluated, or attend new student Orientation. The Terry College of Business does not admit transient students. Transient students also are not eligible for any financial aid from UGA.

Finally, you can only attend Summer semester, although there are two exceptions–for Post-Baccalaureate students and for some Exchange and Study Abroad students as described below. Summer Transients should complete an application by the deadline and may submit either a current transcript or a “letter of good standing” from their home institution.

Admission Deadlines

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