The Back Door is Closed

  David Graves      June 13th, 2017

Our Admissions Office receives a number of calls each day, with questions that range from the traditional (“When does your transfer application open up this year?”) to the unconventional (“What are the tinted window laws in Athens, GA?”). Recently, one father called in to speak with one of our admissions counselors, and he asked “I am looking for a back door into UGA for my daughter. Can you help me?” Yes, that was the actual question. It was almost like he was envisioning an admissions-style Harry Potter Platform 9 and 3/4 train station wall where a few lucky people could enter while the rest remained oblivious to this secret passage. While some people might see this situation as strange, parents and high school students are hearing from trusted sources such as their neighbors, second cousins and the friendly barista at the local coffee shop that there are back doors to get into X college. Rumors abound about applying for certain terms, playing a specific instrument, applying for a specific major, or overwhelming an admissions office with communications to let them know the college is #1 in the student’s mind. On a recent episode of the TV show American Housewife, teenage son Oliver starts taking ballet in order to have a better chance of admission to Harvard. I even know of a family who considered moving their kids to a small town in south Georgia because they are certain it will make it easier to be admitted as compared to being […]

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2015 First Year Application Suggestions

  David Graves      September 2nd, 2014

The first-year application opens up tomorrow, so here are a few hints for when you are starting your application. When you start working on the application, we suggest you have four items with you.  SSN card (you absolutely must give us your correct Social Security Number (please proofread it twice). A copy of your resume (we ask you to list your honors, activities, leadership, and work experiences which you may have already collected for a resume). This information is not used for EA, but we do use it for scholarship review, so that is why we ask it for both EA and RD applicants. A copy of your latest HS transcript (you need to accurately report the college prep curriculum you’re taking and the grades you’ve earned). Your fee payment information (to complete the application you must give us payment information, ideally for a credit card). After you have started the application and created your UGA “ApplicantID”, you can save your work and come back later to complete the application and make any corrections.  Warning: Once you agree to the UGA Honor Code and choose “submit” at the bottom of that final page, you cannot return to make changes or corrections to your application. As well, you need to complete a payment option (check/waiver or credit card) to finalize the submission of the application. When you are selecting your term, decision plan (EA vs RD) or major, select the ones you want, not what someone told you would be “easier for admission”. If you […]

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Changing your Major

  David Graves      June 16th, 2014

As everyone most likely knows, UGA implemented a new student system this year, and one of the things we have been waiting on is the method for enrolling students (and current students) to be able to change their major. This process has now been thoroughly tested, and the first few freshman orientation sessions have been a great example of how this works. While this will give you details on how to change your major, I will not go into adding/removing a minor or certificate, as that should wait until after you have worked with an advisor Here are the steps you need to take to change your major: To add a major: Log into Athena Select Student Select “My Programs“ Select “Add Major” Select your new major from the dropdown menu. (You should select the intended major where possible because you have not met the requirements for the actual major at this time.) Select “Next”, and then “Confirm”. The new major will now appear under My Majors. To remove a major (You cannot remove a major until you add another major first.): Select “Remove Major” Select the major you wish to remove from the dropdown menu. Select “next” and then “Confirm”. The major will no longer appear under My Majors. Additional Information: If the major you wish to add requires approval, you can click a link to the Bulletin to see the requirements for the major.  New UGA students should select the intended major where possible because you have not […]

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  David Graves      June 21st, 2012

All undergraduate students at UGA now have access to DegreeWorks, a web-based tool used to assist students in monitoring progress toward degree completion.  This program combines degree requirements and coursework completed into an easy-to-read worksheet which helps students see how courses completed satisfy requirements as well as what courses are still needed to complete the degree.  DegreeWorks is not meant to replace academic advising, rather it is a tool that can be utilized to help facilitate and aid academic advising. All new students should have access to DegreeWorks as soon as your MyID has been created.  If you have completed college coursework prior to enrolling at UGA, use this program to see how your courses transferred and how they are satisfying your degree requirements.  Do you have AP/IB/SAT II scores that you have submitted to UGA?  Log in to see what credit you have received for these scores.  Make your advising appointment more efficient at Orientation by logging in now!

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Majors and Admissions

  David Graves      March 3rd, 2011

An academic advisor has made a request that I write a post about majors, and I think it is a great idea! I have dealt with the issue of academic majors before and how they relate to admissions in comments, but having a more detailed post seems like the best next step. Freshman Applicants When you apply to UGA, what you select as a major is a non- issue during the admission process. Occasionally when we are reading a file, we will see that X applicant has done a great deal of outside work towards the major of their choice (I remember the Entomology applicant who traveled to several different countries doing insect research and collection). So, for almost every applicant, your choice of major has no impact on a decision. Why? Well first, any freshman applicant can go into their myStatus page, select the Settings option, and change their intended major. Second, a large number of freshman will change their major prior to enrolling at UGA, and then again sometime during their first two years at UGA. So when you apply to UGA, select a major that interests you (or select Undecided), but do not select a major just because a cousin, a friend, or the aunt of your mom’s best friend’s hair stylist said that applying as (insert major name here) major would get you admitted. Once you decide to enroll at UGA, though, make sure that the major you have selected is the one you really want, […]

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