Exchange & Study Abroad Students

Students who are on an exchange program from another institution to attend UGA will work directly with their home institution’s academic department as well as the host department at UGA to complete all necessary admission and other forms. Please explore the departmental options by entering “Exchange Programs” on the Search engine of UGA's home page. The Office of International Education also outlines the special process and UGA application form needed to gain transient enrollment in UGA's Study Abroad programs.

Applying to UGA as an Undergraduate Study Abroad Transient Student

Students from other universities wishing to participate in UGA Study Abroad programs must be admitted as Study Abroad Transient students of the University of Georgia in order to register for classes and receive credit. The Study Abroad Transient application is processed by the UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students from other Colleges must complete this application in addition to any Study Abroad Program or Office of International Education applications or requirements. 


UGA Undergraduate Study Abroad Transient Student Application Timelines

  • Fall Programs: Application opens on January 15, deadline to submit is July 20
  • Spring Programs: Application opens on July 15, deadline to submit is November 20
  • Maymester: Application opens on January 15, deadline to submit is March 1
  • Summer Programs: Application opens on January 15, deadline to submit is May 20

*Note: Study Abroad Transient applications must be received by the deadlines established by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please plan accordingly and submit your application in a timely manner.


Materials Required for UGA Study Abroad Transient Admission

UGA Study Abroad Transient Application and Fee

Students from other colleges may access the UGA Study Abroad Transient Application here

UGA Study Abroad Transfer Student Application Instructions

1. Go to:

2. Create a "myStatus" login account. Once logged in, select your application type: "Study Abroad/Exchange" and save.

3. Proceed completing the Study Abroad/Exchange application.

4. On the "Study Abroad/Exchange/Transient Program Selection" page, select: 

  • The semester you plan to enroll (if your term is not available, stop and return at a later date)
  • The type of application you are completing:"Study Abroad"
  • The campus you plan to attend (if not one of our main campuses, select "Study Abroad General")
  • The Major option that is available based on your prior selections 

5. Submit your application and pay the application fee that is due after submission.


Transcript or Letter of Good Standing

Applicants must have their home institution send a transcript or letter of good standing to the UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Study Abroad Departmental Approval form

The Study Abroad Departmental Approval Form (also known as Study Abroad Transient Admission Form or SATA) should be provided to you by your Study Abroad Coordinator. Log in to your UGA myStatus account to upload a PDF of this completed form.

1. Log into your "myStatus" account 

2. Navigate to the "Upload Materials" section of your status page

3. Select the document type of "Departmental Approval Form", click "Choose File" to select the file to upload, and then click "Upload"

4. You will see an indication immediately if your upload was successful and your red X for that item in your checklist should turn to a green checkmark within an hour.

Upon Acceptance as a UGA Undergraduate Study Abroad Transient Student

Once you have been accepted by UGA Undergraduate Admissions, you will need to submit a passport to provide Verification of Lawful Presence. Applicant will be able to upload this information on the UGA Undergraduate Admissions website. 


For a complete list of the next steps for Study Abroad Transient students post-acceptance to UGA Undergraduate Admissions, please refer to the Office of International Education's instructions.


*Note: How credits are transferred back to your home institution, applied to your degree programs, etc. are matters entirely at the discretion of the home institution. Students should work closely with their academic advisor and their own study abroad office well before departure.


Contact us

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