Home-Educated or Non-Accredited High School Students

Each year, the University of Georgia receives applications for admission from students who are educated at home. Occasionally, we also have applicants who attend non-accredited high schools. Per the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG), students who are home-educated or who attend a non-accredited high school must satisfy certain criteria in order to be considered for admission to any public two- or four-year college or university in Georgia.

Each USG institution is permitted to require additional information to determine the academic preparation, as well as the competitiveness of, an applicant for admission. In an effort to make fair distinctions between the many high-achieving students with diverse educational experiences who apply to UGA, our Faculty Admissions Committee has adopted the following criteria in accordance with USG policy for the admission of students who are home-educated or who attend non-accredited high schools.

If a student pursues a home study program that is accredited by a regional authority (SACS, MSACS, NCACS, NEACS, NACS or WASC), a state’s Department of Education or certain Georgia authorities (Georgia Accrediting Commission, Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission or the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study), an official transcript must be submitted for review.

If a student is home-educated or attends a non-accredited high school, he or she must demonstrate very high academic ability by having earned an SAT or ACT score equal to or above the average scores of the first-year students admitted to UGA for the prior Fall term. The student must also be able to validate completion of all CPC subject areas through submission of the following:

  • Official scores from the SAT or ACT (for math and English only—see below), SAT II, International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or Advanced Placement (AP) exams;
  • Coursework for credit that appears on an official college or an accredited high school transcript; and/or, 
  • An SAT or ACT score in the top five percent of college-bound seniors nationally in order to satisfy the English and mathematics portions of the CPC.

Upon completion of an application file with the required documentation, the University of Georgia will review the entire application file of a student who has been home-educated or who has attended a non-accredited high school. From the pool of academically qualified students, UGA will select the students who are most competitive for first-year admission.

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