Why Self-Reported Grades?

  David Graves      October 2nd, 2018

In our admissions recruitment system, we have 39,427 organizations listed as high schools. We have schools with 1,500+ seniors and schools with one senior. We have Syrupmakers and Sea Kings, Jaguars and Leopards, Dragons and Wolverines, and even Jem Bears and Unicorns (You go Unicorns!). And you know what? It seems like all 39,427 schools have their own way of doing things, especially when it comes to grades. Different grading scales, different grades, different weighting systems, and just plain being different in how they do things. Even the transcripts look different, with some being hand-written, some being 12 pages long, and some with grades from kindergarten up to 12th grade. The one big thing in common is that many of them will have students applying to UGA, and we have to somehow convert these varying grades and grading scales into a somewhat common GPA system so we can look at the academics on a level playing field. As you can guess, the recalculation of GPA’s for 27,000+ applications takes a while. And the more time we spend on trying to figure out a GPA, the less time we have to do holistic file reads. As well, the longer we take in trying to decipher each grading system, the longer it takes to get out admission decisions. This is why we decided roughly eight years ago to ask our applicants to self-report their high school grades on their application. UGA uses these self-reported grades as a framework for the GPA calculation, […]

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Random Admission Thoughts June 2014

  David Graves      June 11th, 2014

We have successfully made it through Year 1 of our new student system, and we have a great class of freshman coming in for orientation, and our Fall transfer decisions are at the end of the process. We just finished a meeting to discuss the changes for next year’s freshman application, and orientation seems to be moving along well. As such, here are a few thoughts as we transition from the end of the cycle for the Fall 2014 students and move forward with Spring/Summer/Fall 2015 applicants. At this point, approximately 60% of our enrolling freshman have sent in their final HS transcripts. Please make sure to do this ASAP, but know that this will not impact orientation. If we have not received a final transcript by August 1, we will not allow you to register for future terms until this issue is cleared up. In the same vein, transfers (and freshman with dual enrollment credit) need to send in updated college transcripts with Spring work. We are reviewing these daily, and we are also focused on checking orientation rosters to make sure we enter in updated credit prior to a student attending an upcoming session. Fall 2014 students, make sure you pay attention to your email, as we will be sending out information to students who may be missing items, from VLP to final transcripts, Immunization forms to completing Emergency Contact information. While the Spring 2015 applications are open and the deadline is 9/1, we will not begin any […]

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Common Questions – September Edition

  David Graves      September 7th, 2012

Below are some of the questions that we have been getting on the phones, by email and on the blog lately: I applied as a transfer student for Spring, when will I have a decision?  We cannot guess when an applicant will have a decision as this depends on many factors.  We generally process transfer applications based on when the file is complete.  Your file is complete when we receive all required material for your application, not when you apply.  In addition, if you have attended non-Georgia colleges or colleges that we have not had a student apply from, please be patient as these files are more complicated and require a more detailed review. Should I apply Early Action or Regular Decision?  One option is not better than the other and we cannot tell a student which decision plan he or she should choose.  I would suggest reading this blog post for guidance in making your choice, http://ugaadmissions.blogspot.com/p/early-action-vs-reg-decision.html . How many science courses does a First Year applicant have to have?  The University System of Georgia has minimum unit requirements in each academic subject area, including 4 units in science.  You may view all academic unit requirements on the USG’s Staying on Course worksheet.  In-state students attending public schools in GA should not have to worry about meeting these requirements.  Out-of-state students, we are able to be flexible and we can look at 8th grade science. How do I submit my counselor/high school evaluation?  Before submitting supplemental forms, you should submit your First […]

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Self-Reported Grades Walk Through

  David Graves      September 29th, 2011

This is the second year that we have asked freshman applicants to complete the self-reported grades section on our application, and for the most part, things are going well. Most everyone who has applied has understood the process, and almost everyone has been correct in their grades. We expect that this small change in the application will mean we are able to release decisions a little earlier this year (but I have no dates at this time!), and it is making part of our review process go much smoother and quicker. But for those of you who have questions about this section of the application, here are a few hints. Before you start this section, have a copy of your transcript with you. I do not mean mid-term 9 week reports, or report cards, but a copy of your transcript just like you have sent to a college. Review the transcript, and line out with a pencil any non-core grades, such as Health, Journalism, PE, Business courses (the only exceptions being AP/IB non-core courses such as AP Computer Science, AP Art, etc.) You can get a clearer sense of these courses on the self-reported grade section of the application and line out more based on the listing. This is only for your high school grades, so line out any middle school grades (or for you Florida folks, line out the K-8 grades that appear on your transcript). For the self-reported grades, we are looking at the grades your teacher has […]

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Self-Reported Grades, HS Transcripts, and the Law of Unintended Consequences

  David Graves      August 25th, 2010

I was recently at a fast food restaurant , and they had new, larger cups for their sweet tea (the greatest beverage ever invented!), with a new logo on the side and a cool new dispenser. Life was great, as nothing is better than a big cup of sweet tea on a hot summer day in GA, that is until I arrived at the lid section. Unfortunately, no one had checked to see if the old lids fit the new cups. So there I was, still happy about this big old cup of nectar, but a little miffed about not having a lid that fit it. They quickly purchased some new lids, and everyone is now happy with the larger cups and the wonderful tea. I guess you would say that this situation is an example Law of Unexpected Consequences. The same thing, on a very minor scale, has happened with our new self-reported grade chart and high school transcripts. When our team of Evaluators had to analyze each HS transcript as it came in, determine the number of academic grades, and enter in the grades in our system, we occasionally missed logging in a HS transcript that we had. A back-end program was written so that if any HS grades were entered into the system, the HS transcript received field would then get a Yes to fix this human error. This program was just a part of the background script that occasionally fixed an error, and so it did […]

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First-Year Application is now available!

  David Graves      August 16th, 2010

The UGA First-Year application is now open! As is our history, we normally open our First-Year application in mid-August, and it is generally on a Monday to make sure we are available if any minor issues arise. Please remember that there are a few changes to this year’s application: UGA is only accepting online applications for admission. Any print-outs of the application are for your records or to view the application questions, but are not to be mailed in.  The Activities/Athletics/Employment (Extra-Curricular Areas) section has been shifted to Part I of the application. We will not be evaluating Early Action applications any differently than in the past, but having this information in part I will help with scholarship review, completion of part II for deferred students, etc. There is a new section on the application called Self-Reported Grades, and this is required for all applicants. You will need to have a copy of your high school transcript for this section, and you will enter in the academic grades you received from 9th through 12th grade (or 11th grade if applying before you have completed the first term of your 12th grade). You will only include actual course grades (do not enter any final/overall grades that are averages of your year), and this section will list the courses that should be included in the grade chart. Here is an FAQ for the self-reported grades chart. Please remember, you do not have to rush to complete the application, but try to make […]

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