Admission Traffic Lights

  David Graves      September 25th, 2019

I am not sure what this says about me, but I think traffic lights are awesome. Maybe I just played Red Light/Green Light a little too much as a kid. But traffic lights bring order to what could be chaos, give people subtle and not so subtle alerts about what to do, and overall they help everyone get to where they want to go. To truly appreciate traffic lights, all you have to do is drive up to one that is not working. Nothing is worse that having to deal with the flashing red light, and the fear that comes from not knowing if everyone else actually understands what to do in this situation. Because of my love of traffic signals, here are a few Admission related traffic light suggestions to help survive the admission process without any crashes, blaring of horns or polite/impolite hand gestures.   Green Light  Apply Earlier than the listed Deadline – If you are going to the airport, you always want to leave early enough to get you to the gate an hour before the plan departs. You want to leave plenty of time to deal with traffic (and malfunctioning lights), finding a parking space, a long line at security, or any other possible problem. I suggest you set a date a week prior to the actual application deadline as your unofficial deadline for submitting your application. If you are applying to UGA Early Action (deadline of 10/15), a personal deadline of 10/6 to submit […]

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The Holistic Review Process-Beyond the Numbers

  David Graves      December 12th, 2017

It is December, which means our holistic file reading process will begin soon. Instead of giving you a nice “slice of life” story which then transitions into our reason for reading files, I will just go straight into the process (except for the Rudy clip). For a large group of our applicants (ones who are not admitted based on their academics alone in November and February), we spend almost three months diving into everything in a student’s application to better understand them, look at them in comparison with the rest of the applicant pool, and ultimately make final decisions about our freshman class. I have had a number of comments on the blog asking what we look at in this process, so here are the areas we look at in our holistic review. I could probably write six pages worth of explanation about the process, but I have summarized each area to lessen the pain of exhaustion for the reader. There is more to our review process than just these brief descriptions though, but at least this gives you some details of the process. Activities/Involvement/Leadership – The first thing you should know about activities is that we value quality over quantity. What we are looking for is somewhat about the range of what a person does, but more so the depth of their involvement. It is not about how many clubs/sports/activities you can join, but instead looking at is what things you have committed to during your high school years, both […]

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January Application Updates

  David Graves      January 22nd, 2014

From January 1 through January 22 we have received approximately 5,200 applications, 4,400 documents from Parchment/Docufide, 2,800 transcripts from GAcollege411 and 8,500 teacher recommendations and high school evaluations from our online forms. That’s almost 16,000 documents in 22 days!   This does not include documents that were mailed in (I would guess about 50 bins of mail), emailed to or to individual counselors.   We are working vigorously to match documents with files and as you can imagine we are quite busy.  Documents are being matched as quickly as possible, but this takes time given the large number we have received recently. Please be patient with us.  Remember, it takes about 8 to 10 business days for us to match a document to your file once we have received it.  If you still have not submitted material from the high school, you should do so as soon as possible!  We will continue to accept material from the school at least through the end of January. Because we have received a large number of First Year transcripts given the application deadline, we will begin reviewing summer transfer applications sometime in early February.  Once we have finished reviewing all summer transfer applicants, we will begin to do work on the new Transfer Articulation system, and then begin the review fall transfers.  I expect that our Fall transfer process will begin a little later this year, and may take a little longer to complete due to getting our new system up and […]

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Missing First-Year Documents

  David Graves      January 31st, 2012

Our office is at the point where we have caught up with the mail, the electronic documents, and the checking of our holding files for other matching materials. Over the next week or so, we will continue to match up materials that have just come in with freshman files, as well as do a thorough review of our holding files to make sure we did not miss any items that came in prior to the application being submitted, or that has a slightly different name then the one we have (hyphenated names, Jim instead of James, etc.). We will also continue to take in test scores until the January 28 SAT results are sent to us. Remember, all SAT/ACT scores MUST be sent to UGA electronically by the testing agency, as we do not take them from a paper copy, a transcript or any other document. While saying this, I would suggest that if you are missing any required items for your application, you need to have them sent to us ASAP. This includes the application fee, SAT/ACT (with writing) scores, HS transcripts, school evaluations, and teacher recommendations. The online school evaluation and teacher recommendation forms are still open, and will be open for about 1 more week. In addition, if your teacher believes they have submitted an online teacher recommendation more than a few days ago, and it is still not showing, we suggest they mail in a recommendation letter, as some HS email systems have firewall issues with […]

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Recommendation Letters

  David Graves      December 1st, 2011

We receive a number of questions at this time of year about teacher recommendations, so here is my (limited) advice on the subject. First, when figuring out who you should ask to write a letter of recommendation, try to find a teacher who knows you well, and has taught you within the last 1-2 years. UGA prefers teachers from core academic subjects, and we suggest you only have one teacher recommendation sent in. If you really feel like you need a second teacher recommendation (or one from a person outside the school such as a boss, a volunteer program coordinator, a minister, etc.), then I suggest the maximum should be one additional letter. Why do I say this? At a certain point, too much information starts to detract from our counselors being able to focus on the important items. If you have six recommendations in your file (and most of them will say similar things), we then start to spend more time shuffling through these letters than focusing on your other strengths. For us, the purpose of the recommendation letters is to learn more about you from teachers/school officials who deal with you on a day to day basis, and can give us insight into what you are like in their classrooms, their hallways, and in the life of your school. Do you sleep in class, do you work well with others on projects, are you respectful to the ideas of others, do you pay attention, etc. How you act […]

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