A Few First Year Applicant FAQ’s

  David Graves      August 28th, 2013

It’s fall semester, and questions are beginning to flood in about UGA’s First Year admission process.  Here are answers to some of our more frequently asked ones. I plan to apply Early Action.  What is the last ACT/SAT exam date you will accept for Early Action (EA)?  We will only be able to use SAT/ACT scores for tests taken by the October 15 EA deadline.  For us to receive your scores in time, you must designate UGA as an automatic recipient when you register for the exam. Do I have to complete the essays if I am applying for Fall 2014 as a First Year student?  It depends.  Are you applying for Regular Decision, whose deadline is January 15 compared to EA’s October 15 deadline?  If so, you will complete four short essays for the 2014 application.  EA applicants who do not meet EA criteria and who are then deferred to the Regular Decision process will complete the essays.  Click here to see this year’s essay topics.  Regular Decision also requires a teacher recommendation and allows you to submit your first term senior grades.  When can I apply?  There is early, and then there is late.  The 2014 First Year application first becomes available at the beginning of September.   Please know that, while there is a HUGE penalty for missing our application and document deadlines, we give no admission benefit or prize for being among the first to submit the application.  Take your time.  (Just don’t wait until the […]

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