Meet UGA Near You

  David Graves      August 12th, 2013

Fall travel is quickly approaching!  During this time of year admissions counselors leave their desks and offices behind and head out on the road for college fairs, college nights, high school visits, counselor programs and other recruitment events.  This means you may be seeing UGA admissions staff on the road!  Be sure to check our Meet UGA Near You page for a list of events we will be attending this fall.  This page is updated weekly so check back regularly as we continue to plan travel and add events. Georgia students, if you are attending a PROBE  fair you can register  your information online ahead of time!  When you register online, you will be able to print out a bar code to take with you to the fair.  College representatives will be able to simply scan your bar code to capture your information.  This will prevent you from having to fill out a different information card for each college you speak to. While you’re looking through travel schedules, consider looking up who the admissions counselor is for your school and sending a quick a message.   Whether it’s just to say hello or to suggest places we visit while in your area, we love to hear from prospective students! Go Dawgs!

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High School Evaluations and Teacher Recommendations

  David Graves      December 7th, 2012

We often get questions from First Year applicants regarding the counselor evaluation and teacher recommendation.  These questions range from where to find these forms to how we are using this information in the file review process.  Both forms are important in the review of a student’s file.  Here are some tips on why they are important as well as how to have these forms sent to us. The high school evaluation not only tells us about you, it tells us about your school as well.  The first page of the evaluation tells us about your school’s grading scale, the most difficult courses available at your school, how many honors/AP/IB courses are available, etc.  This information lets us know about your school’s curriculum.  This is important because we are reviewing your curriculum based on what you have available to you.  The second page is where your high school counselor tells us about your curriculum.  He or she will rate your curriculum difficulty for each of the five academic areas.  If you have any questions about the classes you are taking or planning to take, it’s always best to start with your high school counselor. We have an electronic and paper version of our high school evaluation.  The online form is better in that it can be automatically dropped into your file once we receive it.  In fact, it will generally show up as received in an applicant’s myStatus within 2 to 3 business days after it has been submitted.  If you submit […]

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Shout out to High School Counselors!

  David Graves      October 28th, 2010

Over the last 3 years, our office has made it so that high school counselors and teachers can submit their evaluation/recommendation forms online. As you would probably guess, it started off slow the first year, but it has been gaining traction ever since, with great growth this year! Having these forms come into our office online helps in matching up the materials to the students (it happens overnight in a large batch job), eliminates the delay of the mail, means fewer issues with illegible writing, and lessens the items we must open, scan and match up with applicants. In addition, it allows schools to save general academic information for the school in the UGA database (and not write it out again and again), cuts down on postage, and lessens the phone calls from panicked families. So far this year, we have received over 10,000 online school evaluations (this includes Early Action and Regular Decision applicants, along with a few who have not applied yet but the form is in)! If you get a chance and your counselor (or teacher) did their recommendation online, give them a big thank you from UGA. Here is a list of the top 15 high schools based upon the number of online school evaluations submitted. Northview HS – 246 Milton HS – 166 G. Walton Comp. HS – 148 Brookwood HS – 141 Alpharetta HS – 135 Collins Hill HS – 121 Roswell HS – 110 Chattahoochee HS – 109 Lassiter HS – 107 The […]

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UGA-Atlanta Office

  David Graves      September 29th, 2010

Many of you might not know this, but the UGA Admissions Office has two people based in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Jackie Pearson, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, and Lindsey Dean, Assistant Director of Admissions, both work out of the One Live Oak Center near Lennox Mall in the Terry College of Business Executive Education Center, where they work specifically with a a majority of the Metro Atlanta schools and students. Both Jackie and Lindsey will be on the road a great deal over the next month or so (Lindsey also works with students from TN), but they are happy to meet with students when they are in town. If you are from Atlanta and are looking for a convenient way to interact with a UGA admissions officer, I would suggest you go to the Meet the Staff page and contact Jackie and/or Lindsey. They will be more than happy to set up some time to speak with you about the opportunities at UGA. Go Dawgs!!

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