What has been great with other colleges?

  David Graves      December 22nd, 2011

Throughout the year, while we read files, attend college fairs, match documents, review transcripts, visit schools, answer emails and phone calls, and generally just work with students and parents, we also look around and see what other college admissions offices are doing to help students know more about themselves. As such, here is your chance […]

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Where’s the Effin Waffle House?- A Story of Misunderstanding

  David Graves      January 4th, 2011

About 7 years ago, my wife and I were driving home after picking up our six year old son at my in-laws house, with  him firmly strapped into his car seat  in the back. As six year olds are prone to do, his discussion turned to bodily functions and a wonderful discussion about gas. My […]

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UGA Admissions Amazing Race

  David Graves      August 27th, 2010

Yesterday, the majority of the Admissions staff participated in a 4 hour campus adventure we called “The UGA Admissions Amazing Race”, modeled after the TV show The Amazing Race. Four of us (me included) mapped out eight locations around the campus that were important to Admissions, either because of the offices located there (Visitors Center, […]

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