What has been great with other colleges?

  David Graves      December 22nd, 2011

Throughout the year, while we read files, attend college fairs, match documents, review transcripts, visit schools, answer emails and phone calls, and generally just work with students and parents, we also look around and see what other college admissions offices are doing to help students know more about themselves. As such, here is your chance to let us know what has impressed you when working with other colleges (please no negative stories!), so that we can look at it and see if we can do our jobs better at UGA. Understand that our office has a limited budget and limited staff, so we cannot do everything in the world. But if a certain program, mailing, contact, event, or action from admissions struck you as impressive, I would love to hear about it! Thanks, and Go Dawgs!

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Where’s the Effin Waffle House?- A Story of Misunderstanding

  David Graves      January 4th, 2011

About 7 years ago, my wife and I were driving home after picking up our six year old son at my in-laws house, with  him firmly strapped into his car seat  in the back. As six year olds are prone to do, his discussion turned to bodily functions and a wonderful discussion about gas. My wife, raised as a proper southern woman, re-enforced the notion that one should not use the word “fart”, even going as far as to say “remember, we do not use the F word”. Of course, this turned into a wonderfully painful discussion about what other words he should not say, from the S word, the H word, and the other, dreaded “F word”. We finally made it through the “words that should never be said” talk, and focused on the drive home from Greensboro, GA to Athens. We had just reached the bridge crossing I-20, when from the back of the car we heard the statement “Where is the effin Waffle House?” My wife jerked her head around in horror and asked “What did you just say?” in a tone only a mother knows. My son grinned back at her and said “Where is the effin Waffle House?” She sat stunned, unable to speak, when he once more repeated “Where is the effin Waffle House?”, only this time pointing forward and up in the sky. My wife turned to look, and saw the Waffle House sign up ahead in the dark sky, with one of […]

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UGA Admissions Amazing Race

  David Graves      August 27th, 2010

Yesterday, the majority of the Admissions staff participated in a 4 hour campus adventure we called “The UGA Admissions Amazing Race”, modeled after the TV show The Amazing Race. Four of us (me included) mapped out eight locations around the campus that were important to Admissions, either because of the offices located there (Visitors Center, Brumby Residence Hall, GA Center/Hotel, Tate Center and parking deck), or because of a unique item within the building (Peabody Awards in Journalism, Dinosaur Sloth bones in Boyd Hall, “Green” roof at the new Lamar Dodd Art building, Alumni House bulldog). There were seven teams, and they were given progressive clues to the various places on campus, and many times were asked to perform a task. Whether calling the dawgs at the VC or posing with the sloth bones, the teams raced across campus and learn more about UGA and each other. Along the way, we also wanted to teach our Admissions team about how we communicate, and if the information we give out seems like mysterious clues that sometimes leave prospective students confused or lost (like one Amazing Race team that took photos of 4 roofs before finding the environmentally “green” roof at Dodd). There were a number of puzzled faces, a few “But you didn’t tell me I couldn’t do that” phrases, and some tired admissions people by the end of the day, but overall it was a great success! So hopefully when you consider applying to UGA, our office will give you […]

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