Fall 2014 Travel

  David Graves      August 25th, 2014

Fall travel is upon us! During this time of year admissions counselors leave their desks and offices behind and head out on the road for college fairs, college nights, high school visits, counselor programs and other recruitment events. This means you may be seeing UGA admissions staff on the road! Be sure to check our Meet UGA Near You page for a list of events we will be attending this fall. This page is updated weekly so check back regularly as we continue to plan travel and add events. Georgia students, if you are attending a PROBE  fair you can register your information online ahead of time! When you register online, you will be able to print out a bar code to take with you to the fair. College representatives will be able to simply scan your bar code to capture your information. This will prevent you from having to fill out a different information card for each college you speak to at the fair. While you’re looking through travel schedules, consider looking up who the admissions counselor is for your school and sending a quick a message. Whether it’s just to say hello or to suggest places we visit while in your area, we love to hear from prospective students! Go Dawgs!

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College Program Etiquette

  David Graves      September 24th, 2010

Like many of you, my two children had to go through a year of “Etiquette” classes. They learned about table manners, dinner table rules, proper introductions, social graces, etc. It is interesting that one of our most recent Admission Counselor hires, Sarah Peters, taught etiquette for an Athens-based company for a number of years (and she lists her favorite book as “anything by Emily Post” in her UGA Admissions Profile). Over the next two months or so, there will be hundreds of college fairs, visits to high schools, and admissions programs across the country. After having done well over a thousand programs of some sort during my admissions tenure, here are a few hints about how to handle yourself during a college admissions event and show off some college admissions program etiquette. When you go to a college fair, make sure to introduce yourself to the person behind the table. Feel free to ask them questions about admissions, academics, etc., but understand that if it is a large program, they may have to speak to a number of people besides you, so treat this more as gaining information and less like a 15 minute interview. As well, an admissions counselor would not be able to guess if you would be admissible or not (similar to what I always say about guessing on this blog). On the other end of the spectrum, don’t race around the event like a 400 meter track event, grabbing whatever you can and stuffing it into […]

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Fall Travel Time!

  David Graves      September 1st, 2010

September brings about cooler weather, college football (Go Dawgs!), and in the land of college admissions, it is the start of Travel Season. From early September (actually late August this year) until early November, the UGA Admissions team will travel across the nation visiting different high schools, attending college fairs, hosting counselor and student workshops, and generally just spreading the word about the University of Georgia. In order to track where UGA is visiting, I suggest you search our “Meet UGA Near You” site, as it will give you an idea as to where we will be traveling. You can sort the list of travel events by state, or by clicking on the column headings. Last year, our counselors visited 345 high schools, attended 319 college fairs, and met more than 58,000 students while touring the country. Travel season is a great time for our office to meet prospective students, but by the end it can be somewhat exhausting. So if you see a UGA admissions counselor out on the road this fall, let them know you appreciate their time and effort. We hope to see you out there! Go Dawgs!

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College Fairs

  David Graves      September 11th, 2009

This past Wednesday, UGA helped host the local college fair for the Athens area community, and it went great! While college fairs can sometimes be overwhelming (our office was at the Augusta, GA one last night and talked to over 1,000 prospective students), there is something about doing a college fair where you know a number of the students in attendance. Let me digress for a moment – Mia, MJ, Robert, Michael, Josh, McGee and all the others I am forgetting to mention, great to see you there!. You may not be able to get all of your questions answered, but it is a great place to start the process. While College Fairs can never replace actually visiting a school, it is a great way for sophomores and juniors to learn more about a broad range of colleges. Similarly, when UGA or any other college you are interested in is visiting your school, take the time to go talk to the representative, ask questions, and learn more about what each school has to offer. The more you know, the better off you will be. As well, this is a great chance for parents to be a part of the process and talk about admissions. And just so you know exactly where UGA’s admission counselors will be this year, bookmark our Meet UGA Near You page. And if you are still passionate about UGA after all the college fairs, high school visits, mailings, emails, etc., this would be a great time […]

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