AP/IB vs DE Courses-the Pros and Cons

  David Graves      March 7th, 2018

Every year, one of the most asked questions for UGA Admissions concerns whether students should take Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate courses or Dual Enrollment courses. As you can guess, our standard reply is “It Depends”. This is not a cop out answer, but rather it is based on the student’s actual situation. What courses are available at the high school? What options does the student have with colleges in their community? What is the course preparation leading up to these classes, and what is the student ready for academically? What future colleges is the student considering, and what are these colleges credit policies on AP/IB/DE work? As you can guess, this is not always our most popular answer (right up there with the parental favorite “Because I said so.”). This is my attempt at giving you the potential positives and negatives of each choice. AP and IB Coursework Potential Positives Most colleges around the US will give credit for strong test scores on either AP or IB exams, with limitations set by each college.  AP and IB coursework is consistent worldwide, so the student, the school and the college all know what is expected. Yes, there are variations based on schools and teachers, but the curriculum is standardized. AP and IB students are able to get an idea of the level of work needed for a college-level class while still in a high school course. Taking AP/IB courses in your high school allows a student to remain active in high school […]

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