Welcome to the High School Counselor Portal

High School Counselors

THANK YOU for all that you and your colleagues do every day to support the college plans of your students. Along with our extensive Counselor website, this Counselor Portal allows you to efficiently accomplish several things for your University of Georgia applicants:
  • Status Check. To support your counseling role, you can view the application status and a list of the documents we have received for each of the official UGA applicants from your school.

  • Evaluation Forms/Recommendations. This Portal has become invaluable for quickly and accurately matching the hundreds of thousands of materials sent to us from around the world to the files of students seeking entrance to the University.
    • However, as a necessary security measure to protect student information, it is only after your student has applied to UGA that you and other colleagues at your school will to be able to submit the school evaluation form or recommendations for that student.
  • Review Submitted Documents. Submitting your forms/recommendations through this portal allows the documents to flow into the student’s file within one to three business days and will subsequently allow you to track the documents easily.
    • We leave the school evaluation and teacher recommendation forms options open to you for a week beyond our freshman application deadlines knowing that, in spite of the best warnings and advice, a few students will wait until the day of the deadline to submit their application.
  • Enter and Update Your School Information. At the beginning of each school year, please update the “School Contacts” list and the review the “School Info” survey. This brief survey, in particular, clarifies crucial elements of the academic structure of your school to help us more accurately and fully evaluate the transcripts of your students.
TO BEGIN, please enter your high school CEEB code and your assigned UGA identifying code number, or PIN, to begin. To have a PIN created or reset in order to access these online utilities, please contact the UGA Admissions counselor for your school or geographic area. To determine who to contact, please see our meet the staff page and email the appropriate counselor. Please include your school name and CEEB code in the email, and he or she will then provide you with your PIN. Again, please note that submitted evaluations may take three business days to appear in Status Check.

Important! Please Read!

On December 16, 2013 at approximately 1:52PM EST, we experienced corruption on the student evaluations table on our database. Every effort made to repair this table has failed so we were forced to revert to the last good backup of this table which was taken at noon. Therefore if you started or submitted a school evaluation for a student between 12:00pm and 1:52pm on 12/16/13, that data is lost and you will need to re-submit those evaluations. This only affected Student (Counselor) Evaluations – all other recommendations (Teacher/Peer) and applications are fine and did not experience any corruption or data loss. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. Please contact us at adm-tech@uga.edu if you have any questions about this.

Please note: Submitted evaluations may take three business day to appear in Status Check