David Graves      September 2nd, 2009 in Blog

It is nearing the end of summer, and so begins the season of doubt. “Should I send my SAT/ACT to UGA now, or wait until I see how I did?” Fear not, because this question is a non-issue at UGA.

UGA’s policy on test scores is that we only look at the highest sub-scores of the SAT and the ACT, also known as “super-scoring”. This means that we take the highest Critical Reading, Math and Writing SAT scores from all your SAT tests to get your best overall combination, and your best ACT scores from each section to make the highest composite score.

The one thing we do not do is overlap the SAT and ACT (we will not take your ACT English of 34 and match it with your 740 Math SAT). But remember, UGA will only look at your best scores for the SAT and ACT, and if you take both the SAT and ACT, we will use whichever test has the strongest overall best scores.

In other words, we are only focused on your best scores (I am trying to see how many different ways I can say this statement). So do not worry about which test scores to send (my best suggestion is to always request them to be sent when you sign up for the test), and enjoy your senior year!

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