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There are two times every year when admissions myths hit peak numbers in the rumor mill; During August/September when a large number of seniors start planning out their college applications, and in late March when final freshman admission decisions are released. I remember receiving a number of communications from one denied applicant who was sure that one of the reasons he was not admitted was due to him being a male. While we do not use gender (along with many other high-myth factors) in the admissions review, I found it interesting that he actually thought it hurt his chances while in fact UGA would actually prefer to have a few more males in the freshman class.

At UGA, we want to make sure that students and parents have the
correct information about the University and admissions.  In an effort
to dispel common myths, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 UGA Admissions Urban Legends.  Here are a few of the common myths we hear:

“UGA admits a quota of students per year from my high school, county, zip code or state.”
most competitive applicants are admitted regardless of high school,
county, zip code or state. There are no quotas assigned to these, or any
other, characteristics.

“UGA has different admissions standards for out-of-state applicants.”
standards are exactly the same for out-of-state applicants as they are
for in-state applicants. UGA does not have a cap on the number of
out-of-state students that can be admitted.

“If I
apply Early Action, it will demonstrate to UGA that I really want to go
there. Even if I am deferred admission, this will be an advantage in
the Regular Decision process.”

Applicants deferred from
Early Action to Regular Decision do not have any
advantages/disadvantages over those who apply Regular Decision. All
applicants seeking admission to UGA are offered an equal opportunity for
admission regardless of the decision plan.

 “You need to keep in contact with UGA Admissions to show demonstrated interest in the college, as this will boost your chances of admission.”
While we love to work with applicants, we do not associate the number of calls, emails, letters, thank you notes, etc. with an admission decision.

We suggest you read
the entire list of Admissions Urban Legends and view the video from Nancy
McDuff, our Associate Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment
Go Dawgs!

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