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As I promised over the weekend, here are the statistics on the Admitted Class of 2015. I do not have the stats for the wait-list group ( just under 900 were offered wait-list) at this time as we do not know who will remain on the WL, so you will have to be happy with this information for now.The wait-list letter will give you more details on past years for admission off the wait-list. We are thrilled that we had such a strong applicant pool, and the admitted group is very impressive. Remember, the statistics I give out are the middle 50% ranges, so please take that into consideration when viewing the information.

  • Mid-50% range for GPA: 3.68-4.00 (please remember that this is not the GPA you see on your transcript, but the GPA that UGA calculates based on the core courses taken in HS, and looking at the actual grades on the transcript)
  • Mid-50% range for the SAT CR and M: 1170-1350
  • Mid-50% range for the  SAT Writing: 570-680
  • Mid-50% range for the ACT: 27-31
  • Average number of AP/IB courses: over 5.6
  • Almost 40% of the freshman admitted to UGA had their strongest test score from the ACT, and if their ACT was then translated to the SAT, the SAT mid-ranges increase by about 30 points for the combined CR/M.

While we show the average number of AP/IB courses, we look at the entire course selection, and the accepted students have challenged themselves with a wide range of Honors and Advanced courses, summer programs, and a number of college courses taken through Joint Enrollment/Dual Enrollment programs.
Statistics can never show the other qualities that we have seen from our admitted group, from leadership capabilities to strong writing, being active in their schools and communities, to showing great growth from freshman to senior year.
Congratulations to the admitted class of 2015! Now we just have to wait and see who chooses to attend, so send in your deposit if UGA is your school of choice.

These are all the stats I can give you right now, so please do not ask for other data, as I will just have to say no. Our office is focused on phone calls, emails, WL information and transfer reviews, so I cannot always slog through the data.

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