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In early July, the UGA Admissions office began reviewing Spring 2012 transfer applications and making admission decisions on files that were complete. We are still working with incoming freshman concerning final HS transcripts, and we are still posting updated transfer work for Fall transfers and freshman with dual enrollment credit, so we will not be evaluating as many applications daily as we normally do. Of the 300 or so Spring transfer applicants so far, we have made decisions on about 120 or so files, and decisions are made on a daily basis. Any decisions will show up on the myStatus page the next morning, and we only update the myStatus page once a day (in the very early AM), so you do not need to check it multiple times in a day. Spring Freshman decisions will not be made until September, so please be patient if you fall into that category.

We review transfer files based upon when an applicant has both applied and submitted all the necessary transcripts. My biggest suggestion is to make sure that all transcripts from all colleges you have attended have been both submitted and RECEIVED by the UGA admissions office. If you attended a local college for a few classes while in high school, send in the transcript. If you attended, a technical school and don’t know if the work will transfer, send in the transcript. In other words, if you attended a college, send in the transcript.

The status check will show you if the transcript has been received by UGA, and it will also show a date of when we were able to match it with your file. Make sure that you have sent in any and all updated transcripts, as we cannot review a file for Spring 2012 if the last transcript you submitted does not include your most recent college work (for instance, if you sent in a transcript in March 2011, it will not include your Spring 2011 term grades). It is up to you to make sure you get everything in to our office, as we cannot request transcripts on your behalf. As well, do not fax in materials, as they will go straight to the shredder. I will say it again, DO NOT FAX MATERIALS (sorry about the shouting, but we cannot accept faxed documents, and I do not want students to think we have received transcripts when we have not).

Please be patient as we review the files, as our team has a number of jobs to complete during the late summer.

Go Dawgs!

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