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Sometimes when writing the admissions blog, I have a specific topic to present based on the time of year, what is happening in our office at that time or something in the news that is timely. Other times, I just have random thoughts and ideas in my head of what is important or being talked about on social media or questions being asked about during our travels. Luckily for you, this is the second type, so no philosophical ramblings. As such, here are some random UGA admissions thoughts:

  • There is no award for applying early in the process, but there are some consequences in waiting until the deadline to apply. We will treat your application the same if you apply on the first day or the last, but a majority of the files that are incomplete at decision time happen due to applying on the deadline. If you wait until the end, you cause others in the process (counselors, teachers, test agencies, etc.) to do things at a later time, causing some things to be late. Don’t wait until the end to apply.
  • UGA uses “best scores” in the admission review, so we only look at the strongest sub scores for your SAT or ACT tests. If you take the SAT or ACT multiple times, we will only look at the strongest scores. What does this mean? Don’t wait until the last minute to send in scores after you see how you did.
  • UGA requires a school report as a part of the freshman application process. This can be our online counselor form, a Secondary School Report (SSR) or a counselor recommendation letter. This is NOT a school profile. This is a document telling us more about the individual student from the school counselor’s point of view.
  • UGA does not use demonstrated interest in our review. Let me say it again – demonstrated interest does not impact a decision. We care about what you are like, not how much you “like” us.
  • We will accept test scores which are both taken and requested by the application deadline. As such, we will be able to use the October SAT if you have put UGA as a score recipient prior to taking the test. In addition, we cannot use the October ACT, as it is given after the 10/15 EA application deadline.
  • We are fine if you apply through our “UGA” application or through the Coalition application. If you use the Coalition, know that our essays are on the UGA specific page, and one of the essay prompts we use is also one of the general Coalition essay prompts.
  • As well, if you apply using the Coalition application, you will receive an email about a day after you submit the app giving you access to the UGA admissions status page. You can check on documents, test scores, and complete the self-reported grades form for UGA.
  • We can’t guess about a decision, no matter what. No matter how you phrase your question, we will still say “I have no idea”. Why? Because we have no idea. It all depends on your overall application, the applications submitted by everyone else, and how many people we decide we can admit. As Yoda says, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”
  • Pay attention to the emails and/or texts that an admissions office sends you about your application. It might just save you some frustration.
  • Deferral is not a bad thing, just a “please wait” thing. If you can’t handle being deferred, don’t apply EA.
  • Whether you are applying EA or RD, take your time and fully complete the application. Don’t just phone in the activities or essays for EA because someone told you UGA does not look at them. 
  • If you have questions about applying, ask them now. Don’t wait until the night of the deadline (or later) to ask me. Admissions people might seem all powerful, but we can’t go back in time.
  • I can’t guess if a student should apply Early Action (EA) or Regular Decision (RD), as that is up to the applicant. There is a Diet Coke ad right now where the actor says “If you want to live in a yurt, yurt it up!” Same here. If you want to apply EA, EA it up. If you feel comfortable with us looking at your file in October, apply EA. If you need more time, later scores, fall grades, etc., apply RD. 
  • I will finish off with another Yoda quote – “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” I am okay whether you choose to apply to UGA or not. But if you want to be considered for admission to UGA, you’ve got to apply. I don’t want students to look back in May and say “I wish I had applied.”. 
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them, and Go Dawgs!

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