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We are about a week out from the Early Action application deadline, and one day past the document deadline. As such, there are a wide range of questions that are hitting us right now. Here are a few thoughts on the issues that we are seeing most often.

  • ACT Scores -The ACT has announced that the September ACT scores with Writing are being reviewed and sent out slower than expected, but they still project having all scores sent to colleges within 3-8 weeks of the test being taken. Our office knew this timeline going into our Early Action planning, and so we will continue to import ACT scores through the projected 8 week out delivery date. Please be patient, as we do not control the sending of the scores, only the uploading of the scores once we receive them. Our office uploads test scores on Tuesdays and Fridays, so be patient.
  • ACT Screen Shot of Scores – While the ACT has suggested that colleges might accept a screen shot of the ACT scores, we do not want these sent to us. As I stated above, we have planned for the long timeline that ACT has in sending out scores, so we will continue to import scores for EA (and RD). Again, do not send a screen shot of your scores, as we will not use it.
  • SAT Scores – The SAT recently modified their test score format and delivery method, so for the week of 10/19-10/23, they did not send out any scores as they changed over to the new system. They expect that they will be back to normal sending SAT scores (which include the October 3rd scores) on 10/26 (update-College Board sent these scores late on 10/27, so we loaded them on 10/28. SAT scores requested on 10/15 or after have not been sent yet.). Again, please be patient, as we need time to then receive the scores and upload them. We will be accepting scores for a little while longer to take into account the delays in the SAT and ACT delivery issues.
  • Incomplete EA Applications -If for some reason your file is incomplete when we stop accepting test scores and documents, your application will be deferred and you will then have until 1/15 to complete part II and submit any missing items. You should not cancel your application, and you do not need to request a change to Regular Decision, as we will just defer your application so you can take the next steps.
  • Strong Applicant Pool – We have 14,515 Early Action applicants (about a 10% increase over last year), and all indications are that this group is stronger academically than last year. What does this mean? It means that it will most likely be a little more challenging to be admitted Early Action this year. No data or facts on the applicant pool to release at this time, but it is a strong group of students.
  • Prepare Yourself – Early Action applicants have self selected to apply EA because they feel comfortable with our office reviewing their academic credentials now, so these are generally very strong students. As such, we will be admitting, deferring and denying a large number of students. While you may know your academic information, and somewhat the academic profile of your peers/HS friends, we are dealing with 14,515 students from all over the globe. You only know a small slice of the applicant pie, while we are looking at the overall group. As such, hope for an admission offer, but also know that if you are deferred, know that this is not a deny. A deferral is simply our office asking for more time and more information so we can do a more detailed review.
  • Patience – Right now, just be patient as our office continues to
    match up documents and test scores, reviews files, and plans out our
    Early Action decisions. Read a book, see a movie, take a nap. Just be
    calm and wait for the next step in the Early Action process.

I hope this helps, and Go Dawgs!

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