David Graves      October 7th, 2011 in Blog

At this point in time, we are finished with Spring transfer decisions, and with much celebration by both the applicants and our office. We actually still have about 20 files that are being held and reviewed by our faculty, and they will hear something in about 2 weeks, but everyone else is done. We will be sending out emails this afternoon to roughly 200 Spring transfer applicants who were incomplete or late with materials, from no application fees to missing/late transcripts. Unfortunately, we are not able to move forward with any of the late/incomplete files, as we already extended the deadline out three weeks beyond the 9/1 deadline for supporting documents to be received.

As for Spring freshman applicants, we have made decisions on all complete files at the beginning of the week, and we will be sending out incomplete emails next week to the small number of students who did not send in the required materials.

The orientation site will open up in late October, and that is the next step for accepted students (transfers do not send in commitment deposits, so orientation is how you let us know you will be attending UGA).

Congratulations to all admitted Spring students, and we look forward to seeing you in January. Now, we turn our sites on the Early Action freshman applicants.

Go Dawgs!

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