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We are still at around 11,400 applications with about 1,100 of those incomplete. Only about 9% of applicants are incomplete, which means 91% of Early Action applicants are complete!  If you are incomplete at this time, first check with the source.  This means if you are missing a transcript or high school evaluation, check with your high school to make sure these were sent.  If you are missing test scores, check with SAT and/or ACT to verify that your scores were sent and that the information on the test scores (name, date of birth, social) matches the information on your application.  If you have checked and this information does not match, email us at admproc@uga.edu .  Missing items need to be taken care of ASAP!  We cannot guarantee that material sent will arrive in time to be considered for Early Action, but you should still submit any missing material.

The fastest way to get items to us is to send them electronically.  Test scores must be sent electronically through College Board/ACT.  The high school evaluation can be sent through our online counselor portal and transcripts can be sent through GACollege411 for Georgia transcripts or Docufide/Parchment/Edocs. As with test scores, if the name on the document does not match the name on your application, please let us know as this could prevent us from being able to match it with your file.

Do not cancel your application!  If you are incomplete for Early Action, you will be moved forward with the Regular Decision applicants.  We do not suggest that you email us to change your application to Regular Decision, but rather wait until you are moved forward automatically.  If we manually change your application from EA to RD, then you are not able to access Part II of the application from the online Dashboard.  For this reason it is better to be moved forward automatically when decisions are released.   Students who are incomplete for Early Action are not penalized or looked at differently in the Regular Decision review process because they were incomplete.

We will give you an update on when decisions will be released as soon as that information is available.  Have a great weekend!

It’s homecoming week at UGA, Go Dawgs!

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