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Over the
last several months, the Admissions staff has carefully reviewed all our newly
admitted First Year students to consider them for University of Georgia
academic merit scholarships.  (See the
list and our discussion of merit and need-based aid at our website,
https://admissions.uga.edu/article/scholarships-at-uga.html.)  At this point in time, all merit based scholarships offered through
Admissions have now been awarded, and we have contacted each of the recipients by email, mail and the myStatus page.

At UGA, academic
merit scholarships have become increasingly competitive.  This is
mainly due to the limited funding we have for these awards and the high number
of extremely capable students who now gain University of Georgia admission. At this
point, if you have not received notice that you have an academic merit
scholarship to attend UGA, then unfortunately we were not able to offer one to you. We are still finalizing handful of specialized
need/merit based scholarships based in large part on FAFSA information, but these are the only ones we have not awarded (and we hope to do this in the next week).

If you
have been selected for any of our Academic Merit awards, congratulations!  Please be sure to read your offer letter
carefully.  Keep it for your
records.  In this letter you will see what requirements you must maintain
to renew your scholarship each succeeding year and, in general, how much the
scholarship is worth in relation to your overall costs.  In addition, you should receive information from the Office of Student Financial Aid shortly on a preliminary award which would include the scholarship information.

Go Dawgs!

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