David Graves      January 19th, 2012 in Blog

We are a few days out from the admissions deadlines, so I will try to give you an update on what is happening and where we are right now in the process. Over the long weekend, approximately 2,200 freshman applications were submitted, and we still have a few hundred more that we need to correct some errors and then push into our system. In other words, we have a lot of applications that just came in! The next step is that we have to check each one of these against the document holding file, which takes a while with 2,200 applications. In addition, we have received 12+ bins of mail, thousands of GA411 transcripts, thousands of paper/electronic transcripts, thousands of teacher recommendations, etc., all within the last 3 days. We now have to match these documents up with the appropriate applicants. What does this mean? We need time to get things matched up, so please be patient. As I type, I am staring at a list of 100 teacher recommendations that I will shortly be dragging and dropping into electronic files, and I know that there are more to come after that.

I do not have exact numbers on how many freshmen have applied yet, or how soon we will be done with matching up materials, but I hope to post updates soon. As I have said before, if it has not been 8-10 business days since you either applied or had a document sent in, just be patient and relax while we take care of things.  The best thing to do right now is be patient, and if any documents are not showing as being received and were sent 8-10 business days ago (and if you applied before Friday, 1/13), then just check and make sure they were sent. If you applied on Friday or afterwards, be patient, as we have to check through a wide range of documents, and we have only had two business days to do it so far.

I hope this helps!!

Go Dawgs!

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