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At this time of year, we send out a number of emails to freshman applicants letting them know that their files are incomplete. This is a standard email that is sent out roughly 10-15 days after a student has applied, and it is to alert the student that as of the time of the email creation, we did not have all the required materials in their file. NOW (and I put this in caps and bold letters for a reason), the email also states that an applicant should check their myStatus page to see what is in and what is missing, and that the myStatus page has the most up-to-date information. This means do not call us saying that the myStatus page shows you as complete but the email says incomplete.

There is about a one day delay between a document being put in a student’s file and that information then being relayed to the email system. So, if the email is created today to be sent out early tomorrow morning, there could be a document that came in today that now completes the file, and that may be shown on the myStatus page on the next day (the same day that the incomplete email arrives). If you are one of the few people who gets an incomplete email but the myStatus page shows that everything is now in, you do not need to panic. The myStatus page is the most up-to-date system, and you should track your materials from there. The email is just a reminder to make sure you know what is going on with your file.

We will be getting a large volume of applications submitted over the next two weeks (I am guessing 3,000 or more), and a huge volume of materials (I am guessing 20,000 or more documents), so please be patient as we sort our way through everything. We will be working hard to get everything matched up with your file, but it will take a little while, especially right around the deadline. Again, be patient with us during this time.

Hopefully this helps explain the situation, and will ease your mind.

Go Dawgs!

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