David Graves      December 18th, 2009 in Blog

Every year, right after we release Early Action decisions, two questions are certain to follow; When will Honors start making admission decisions, and when we will hear something about scholarships? These are not bad questions to ask, and I will try to give you a little insight into the time lines for both. Please remember, though, that the Honors program has their own application and their own process, so that office is the best one to answer Honors questions. I will just be passing on information that our office has received.

1) About one to two weeks after our Early Action decisions go out, Honors will generally send out a first wave of decisions, sometimes referred to as “auto-admit” decisions, and these will be based upon an admitted student’s academic information. These will only make up a part of the Honors admission offers, as a number of students will also be invited to apply to Honors based upon their academic information, and other students will move forward on their own with the application process. The deadline for applying for the Honors program is February 1, and the Honors Program site can give you more information about this process. The Honors Program will then be able to review the submitted applications and make decisions, with a time line of having Honors decisions out by mid-April.

2) Scholarships follow along a similar path, and are mostly done by the Admissions Office. Within the next week or so, our office expects to release our first wave of scholarship offers, and these will be based on the overall academic information of the applicants. From January all the way through March, we will be reviewing admissions applications both for admission and for scholarship possibilities. We expect that by late March, all of our scholarships will be awarded. We have now made it so the scholarship offers are posted on the status check (for the admitted students who have been offered one),  as well as being sent by snail mail. Please remember, though, that we can only offer a limited number of scholarships, and if no scholarship is posted on your status check, it means that one has not been offered to you (at least at this time). Remember, we will continue to review files and make scholarship offers through March, so you do not need to contact us if you do not see one on your status check.

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