David Graves      April 30th, 2013 in Blog

As the Wednesday, May 1 national commitment deadline for accepted First Year students approaches, we are receiving a flood of questions from UGA applicants who had agreed to join our Wait List.

Our advice to all is to remember the key word in Wait List is wait.  Just as airlines can’t assign standby passengers to seats until they are sure there are seats available, we cannot admit students from the Wait List until we know if there is space available for them.  Commitment deposits from already accepted First Year students are by far the most solid predictor for how many of them will enroll.  But it’s important to understand that their May 1 deadline is a postmark (i.e. “snail mail”) deadline.

Therefore it’s unlikely that we will know whether we can offer admission to our increasingly anxious Wait List students and, if so, how many we will have space for until the middle of May and possibly later than that.  We should add that we are just as anxious and hopeful as they are.

Remember to review our Wait List FAQs for answers to many common questions.

Go Dawgs!

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