David Graves      May 7th, 2010 in Blog

Here is my weekly update on the Fall Transfer process, and how the general timeline is looking for this group.

Our evaluation team is moving along at a very strong pace, as almost 900 admit decisions have gone out, and almost 1,400 decisions as a whole have been made (admit and deny). Taking into account the overall numbers and the number of incomplete applicants, it looks like we have made decisions on just about 70% of the actionable applicants (files with all materials submitted to UGA). The evaluation team is still averaging roughly 60-80 decisions a day, and I still project that we will have almost all Fall transfer decisions out by the end of the third week of May. There may be a few very difficult files (4+ different colleges that we have not dealt with before, etc.) that will still need to be reviewed at the end of my projection, but we still seem to be on track with things.

Again, due to all of the different variables of each applicant, I cannot guess as to when a student will hear a decision, or what exact date we are working on at this time. Please be patient with us as we try to close out the decisions over the next several weeks.

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