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Starting today, we are now reviewing Fall 2014 transfer applications for admission.While we would have preferred to start this process earlier in the year, we had to rebuild the entire transfer articulation process from the ground up in our new system. In the past, we have been able to review about 30 files a day, but we do not know how many we will be able to do in our new system until we have had a few weeks of actually doing transfer decisions.

We are not able to tell individual students when they will have a transfer decision, as it depends on many factors. In general, we try to process transfer files based on the order in which they were completed, so a person that applied and had all items in to us in February should hear a decision before a person who applied and had all materials in to our office in March. To have a complete application, we must have transcripts from every college attended, including dual enrollment work done while in HS. As well, we need to have the most up to date transcript, so for instance if you sent us a transcript without fall 2013 completed, we need an updated transcript with fall courses and grades in order to make a decision.

At times though, we are not able to make decisions based on the date order of completion due to a transfer application being complex. A few examples are the following; The first would be from a college we have rarely or never worked with
before, thus causing us to review courses in detail from another
university. The second would be a student with a large number of hours
(90 plus) where we have never reviewed upper level courses. Third, an
applicant with 3 plus colleges with rarely seen classes. Last, colleges
with unusual grading scales (or no grades), unusual courses that do not
match UGA in any way (I have seen a Tarot card design class), etc. There
are probably more examples, but these are the most common.

Decisions (both admits and denials) are made daily, and decisions will then show up on the myStatus page the following business day. Again, we cannot guess when a specific student will hear a decision, so please do not ask, as I can only say “I do not know”.

We will post additional updates as we are able to, and thanks for your patience.

Go Dawgs!

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