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Since we are now a few days beyond the Early Action deadline, I thought I would give everyone a few updates about the process:

2012 Early Action Applications: Approximately 10,800

Complete Early Action Applications: Approximately 6,600

Number of EA applicants without SAT/ACT (with Writing) scores: Approximately 2,500

Amount of Documents received over the past week: Approximately 1 Trillion (okay, it is really about 8,000)

We are still working on matching materials to files, so please be patient, as a large volume of items came in at the last moment. If after about 10 business days between required EA admissions documents being sent or you applying (whichever one is later), the documents are still not showing up on the myStatus page, we suggest you contact us. But remember that it is business days, so do not count weekend days.

We expect a large volume of SAT scores will come in over the next few days, as the October 1 scores will arrive shortly. At the same time, the College Board changed the layout of the download file this past week, so we are having to readjust our import system, so please be patient. We were just able to push in the scores, and we are updating the myStatus system, but the new scores may not show up until tomorrow (or if you did not include your SSN and correct name, next week). I had one email where a student said he requested the SAT scores to be sent earlier in the morning, and he was worried because they had not shown up yet on his myStatus page. Patience is a virtue!

Thank you to all the applicants for taking the 5-10 minutes to complete the self-reported grades chart, as this has been a great asset to our office. 5-10 minutes by each student means 5-10 minutes times 10,800 applications that we will be saving in part of our process, which will help us later in our EA decision timeline. I do not have an exact date when we will be releasing EA decisions, but when I do, I will let everyone know.

Make sure to check your myStatus page, your school and the testing agencies to make sure that everything has been sent to UGA. And now that the applications are submitted, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy senior year!

Go Dawgs!

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