David Graves      August 18th, 2010 in Blog

In an article in the NY Times last week, there was a story about a Texas high school senior who was the first person to complete the “Common Application” that is used by a number of colleges (although not UGA). He started just after midnight, right after the site was open, and finished up his application at about 3:30 a.m.

The next section of the story is the response from the college admissions office where he applied. In essence, they stated that his application would not have an initial review until October, and that the application process was not a “horse race” where the first one in is the best. A number of other admissions officers at other colleges reaffirmed the idea that applying first does not boost a student’s file.

In the same vein, I would suggest that applicants not rush through the application for admission just to get it in. Take your time, make sure that all information is correct, then come back and double check things to make sure there are no errors. I already have one student who has made errors on five different sections of the application!

When my two children were little, they would at times race to the car to see who could reach it first. Whoever was second would quickly chant “First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the treasure chest!” I have no idea where they picked up this phrase, and if you google it you will get a number of different versions for third place.

I am not saying that the first applications that come in are considered the worst (please no worried emails!), but I am saying that it is much more important to get your application information in correctly that quickly. Make sure to read the instructions, complete all the sections, and then submit it.

Go Dawgs!

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