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Here are a few random thoughts and suggestions about UGA Admissions for December:

  • When you are applying, please be sure you include the correct information in your application.  Items are matched by name, social, date of birth, high school code, etc.  If any of this information is incorrect it could prevent us from being able to match material to your file.  If your social is not on your SAT/ACT, your scores may not match up automatically to your file.  If the name on your exam does not match the name on your application,  our system will not be able to match your scores to your file.  If you find discrepancies between information on your ACT/SAT and your application, please call us so we can manually match things.
  • We are pretty much caught up with material submitted by mail.  It can still take up to 10 business days for us to match material to a file (business days do not include weekends or holidays, only days that our office is open).
  • We are able to accept any SAT/ACT that is taken in January for Regular Decision as long as you designate UGA as a school to automatically receive your test scores.  Again, please be sure the name on your exam matches the name on your application.  This is especially important if you did not use your social on your SAT and/or ACT.
  • We will not start reviewing transfer decisions for summer applicants until late January at the earliest.  We will begin looking at fall transfers after that.  If you have any questions about when applications are reviewed, when we will begin to make decisions, etc., please review this post on Timelines.
  • Our office will not be open from December 25 until January 2.  This means any information sent during this time will not be matched up until we return and have a chance to start working again.
  • We want to see your fall grades, so be sure to send an updated transcript or include them in the update section of your application.
  • Please do not send in multiple copies of the same document.  Once you have submitted something, we will need up to 8 to 10 business days to match that document to your file.  If you send in multiple copies of the same document you have doubled or even tripled our work!
  • Remember, no faxes!  The shredder sits conveniently next to our fax machine for a reason.
  • Enjoy the holiday break!
Go Dawgs!

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