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Below are some of the questions that we have been getting on the phones, by email and on the blog lately:

I applied as a transfer student for Spring, when will I have a decision?  We cannot guess when an applicant will have a decision as this depends on many factors.  We generally process transfer applications based on when the file is complete.  Your file is complete when we receive all required material for your application, not when you apply.  In addition, if you have attended non-Georgia colleges or colleges that we have not had a student apply from, please be patient as these files are more complicated and require a more detailed review.

Should I apply Early Action or Regular Decision?  One option is not better than the other and we cannot tell a student which decision plan he or she should choose.  I would suggest reading this blog post for guidance in making your choice, http://ugaadmissions.blogspot.com/p/early-action-vs-reg-decision.html .

How many science courses does a First Year applicant have to have?  The University System of Georgia has minimum unit requirements in each academic subject area, including 4 units in science.  You may view all academic unit requirements on the USG’s Staying on Course worksheet.  In-state students attending public schools in GA should not have to worry about meeting these requirements.  Out-of-state students, we are able to be flexible and we can look at 8th grade science.

How do I submit my counselor/high school evaluation?  Before submitting supplemental forms, you should submit your First Year application (with the exception of test scores which are received/stored electronically).  When you have completed your application you will have the opportunity to submit your counselor’s email address from your myStatus page.  This will generate an email alerting your counselor that a high school evaluation is needed.  The email will include a link to complete the online form.  Once the online evaluation has been submitted, it typically will show up on your myStatus page as received within two business days.  If your counselor needs a pin number for the online portal, please have them contact our office.

How do I self-report my grades?  First, get a copy of your transcript to have with you while you fill out the application.  If you do not have a copy of your transcript in front of you as you are completing the self-reported grades, you will likely make mistakes.  Next, read this previous post which will walk you through the process, http://ugaadmissions.blogspot.com/2011/09/self-reported-grades-walk-through.html .

If I am applying as a First Year student, what is the last test date you will accept?  For Early Action, we will accept SAT/ACT scores from all test dates that occur by the application deadline (October 15).  For Regular Decision applicants, we can accept the January SAT and December ACT.  Be sure that you designate UGA as an automatic recipient for your scores to ensure that we receive them in time!

I mailed my (transcript, evaluation, etc.) to your office, why is it not showing on myStatus?  This is not an instantaneous process.  We must receive the document, scan it into our imaging system, and then match it to an applicant’s file.  If you submitted a document prior to submitting your application, it will take a bit longer as your admissions file is not created until you apply.  If you are submitting documents close to an application deadline, it will take longer for us to match your document as the volume of mail we receive increases greatly closer to deadlines.

Have a great weekend, Go Dawgs!

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