David Graves      March 18th, 2010 in Blog

Since I cannot give you any news about decisions yet, I have one suggestion as to how you can pass the time during this challenging waiting time. As I have said before, I love to read, and at times I drive my two children crazy with book suggestions. Now I guess it is my turn to drive all of you crazy. I finished a wonderful book last weekend called NurtureShock, by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, and for all the parents out there, I seriously suggest it. The book is not  of about the college admissions process or anything even remotely like that, but is instead is a realistic and analytic review of child development. And while some of the information might be about children much younger than the age of your college bound students, it is still a great read! I hope you enjoy it, and please just be patient a little longer (for both freshman and transfer decision information).

Go Dawgs!

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