David Graves      September 9th, 2014 in Blog

Every year we try to open a post aimed at answering questions
from parents.  We want to educate parents about the UGA admissions
process and dispel myths and rumors that may be floating around high
schools, neighborhoods and communities.  We recently sent an email out to students
regarding the First Year application opening and letting them know about
our blog, so hopefully they have already started doing more research on our admissions process, but now we want to hear from you, the parents.

the 2015 First Year application now open and fall travel beginning,
our office is about to get even busier, so now is the time to ask us
questions.  Parents, what would you like to know?  Please post your
questions through the comment option and we will try to respond as
quickly as possible.

Go Dawgs!

P.S. A good resource as you start this process is the Top 10 UGA Admissions Urban Legends site.

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