David Graves      November 4th, 2014 in Blog

“Are we there yet?”

Admit it, you have said
this phrase to your parents before-everybody has. If you are on a long
car ride, the first thing you want to know is when you will arrive. And
while your GPS system can give you a rough approximation, you
can never tell when something unexpected will come up. Whether it is a
traffic backup, multiple rest room breaks, a meal that takes longer than
expected, or a missed turn, something might happen to change your
expected arrival time. So while you can guess about
the time you will get there, you won’t know exactly until you are very
close to your destination.

The same thing happens in
Admissions. While we have a rough time frame for the Early Action
decision date, we know that there might be some odd issues that will pop
up. Whether it is a new system being brought up, a problem with our
software, a large increase in applications, a wave of illness in the
office, or some other issue, we cannot say exactly when we will release EA decisions
until we get closer to the end of the process. While our decision date is not in Far Far Away Land, I do feel like Shrek at times, saying “I don’t know a date yet.”

While I
cannot give you a decision date right now, what I can do is keep you
updated on this blog and through Twitter (follow me at @drgravesUGA). We
are plowing ahead with reviewing the Early Action files, and we are
impressed by the strength of this group, as well as the size of the pool
(we have 13,291 Early Action applications, which is 1,200+ more than last
year). We might not be able to let you know until we are almost at the
release date, but we will try our best to keep you updated on the process.

So to answer the question “Are we there yet?”, I can only say what most parents say, “We’re almost there, just be patient.” Just don’t make any popping noises like Donkey.

Go Dawgs!

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