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Since Early Action decisions will be going out in the late afternoon on Friday, November 18, here are a few suggestions on how to react to the four different

Admit: Celebrate with family, buy a lot of
UGA gear to wear for the Thanksgiving break, but remember that not everyone
has received a decision of admission, and so be a little more low key
with friends and classmates. In other words, do not run up to you best
friend during English class and scream “I got into Georgia” while 10-15
of your classmates are mentally throwing daggers into your back. In addition, be patient with the other parts of campus (commitment deposit, housing, the UGA myID system, etc.), as they might need a few days to take in your information. You will also receive materials in the mail as far as the next steps to take.

This is the most challenging one, as these are applicants who are
truly strong students, but we want to see more about them (as well as
the rest of the applicant pool) before making a final decision.  Please
remember, this is not a denial at all, but instead a way for us to be
able to review you in full, from your co-curricular activities, your
essays, and your recommendations. As I usually state, defer is not a four letter word (even though you might feel this way), only a delay in an admission decision. This is your chance to let us know
what you are like as an overall applicant. While this is probably not
the answer you would like, I would suggest you treat it as a call-back
for a second audition. Some roles have already been cast (or admitted),
and we now want to look at you in more detail to see how you compare to
the rest of the people auditioning (or applying). One of the worst
things you can do is give up and not do the essays. The second worst
thing is to call us up and berate us for not admitting you. We will be
happy to talk to people, but make sure to communicate in a positive
tone, understand that we cannot talk about other applicants, and please
remember that defer does not mean denial. In past years, about half of the deferred applicants who completed part II were
later admitted. Each year, about 1000 deferred students do not complete part II,
so we never even have a chance to even review them! If you are serious
about UGA, take the time to complete your application, and then be
patient as we review all of these files throughout Jan., Feb. and
March. When completing part II (the essays), you do NOT need to do an
entirely new application, and there is no new/additional application
fee. You just need to go to your myStatus page after decisions are out,
complete part II (the essays), and hit submit. As well, get a teacher
from an academic area to write your teacher recommendation. Remember, UGA is in no way done with the overall freshman admission process. We still have a long way to go, with a great deal of files to read and admission offers to make, so make sure you do your best to show UGA what you are like as an overall student/citizen.

While this is not a fun situation at all, the reality is that if you
have been denied Early Action, you are truly not competitive for
admission at UGA as compared to the rest of the applicant pool. It is not easy to write that, and it is very difficult
to tell this to a student or parent, but when we look at this
student’s application in comparison with the other 10,800 EA applicants
(and remember, we expect to get over 8,000 RD applicants as well),
they do not match up academically with the others. It is better to tell
you now instead of waiting until late March, as this gives you time to
make other plans. Unless there seems to be a serious error (you are in
the top of your class, take a very challenging course load, and have a
strong test score), my suggestion is to not contact us about the
decision, but instead move forward with plan B. While we do not mind
talking with you at all, the reality is that an Early Action denial
means that the admission to UGA is not possible as a freshman.

Incomplete: For the small number of students who did not complete your EA file, you are now automatically deferred to the next step, and so you will need to get in the missing materials from EA, and also submit part II of the application and a teacher recommendation. We went three plus weeks beyond the deadline allowing you to get in the missing documents, sending reminder emails, indicating what was missing through the myStatus page, and it was your responsibility to get in the required materials. So I do not suggest contacting us to see if we can take items late, as that time has passed. Focus instead on sending in what is needed to be reviewed in the next round. When completing part II (the essays), you do NOT need to do an
entirely new application, and there is no new/additional application
fee. You just need to go to your myStatus page after decisions are out,
complete part II (the essays), and hit submit.

I hope this helps!

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