David Graves      March 17th, 2011 in Blog

We are finally at the finish line for Summer Transfers! While we have about 15 or so left, generally extremely challenging files with a great deal of coursework from colleges we have not worked with before, we are now starting on Fall transfer applicants. I know that this is a little later than expected, but a few things came up that pushed back our timeline. Please know that there are about 75 or so summer transfers that were incomplete, and some of these applicants will be receiving emails concerning the fact that we have old transcripts that do not have the most up-to-date work on them, and these students should get in a new transcript ASAP.

As for Fall transfers, we will begin with applicants that sent in their applications and materials first, and then work from there. I cannot give you a time estimate right now, as we still have not hit the Fall transfer deadline, so I have no idea how many overall applications there will be this year. As well, the people on the phones cannot guess about a decision timeline, so please do not call us if that is your only question.

We receive a large number of emails, calls, posts, etc. saying that applicant X needs to sign a lease in Athens, so they need to know now if they are admitted. I have good and bad news on this issue; first, there are a large number of available places to live in Athens (a buyers/renters market), so do not panic about this issue. The bad news is that stating this situation in an email, phone call, post, etc. will not change our timeline for reviewing your file, so my best answer is to just be patient.

I hope this helps, and Go Dawgs!

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