Transfer Student Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the requirements to be considered qualified to transfer to UGA?

  • Have 60 or more hours of transferable credit by the application deadline
  • Have completed at least one year of college (post-high school) by the term of intended enrollment
  • Must have a 2.80 or higher transfer GPA to be considered for admission, though there is no minimum GPA that guarantees admission.


  • Have 30-59 semester hours of transferable credit by the application deadline
  • Have completed at least one year of college (post high school) by the term of intended enrollment
  • Must have a 3.20 or higher transfer GPA to be considered for admission, though there is no minimum GPA that guarantees admission. 

Admission as a transfer student to UGA cannot be assured and  can also be dependent on space availability within the University. 

2.  What if I will not complete 30 transferable semester hours until after the application deadline? I will have 30 hours completed after the deadline, can you consider those hours?

Students who have not completed 30 transferable semester hours by the deadline are ineligible to apply. Students must have at least one complete year of full-time college enrollment resulting in 30 or more transferable hours by the transfer application deadline to be considered for transfer admission to the University of Georgia.

3.  Can Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate course credit count toward the required 30 completed semester hours?

Advanced Placement credit will only count toward meeting admissions criteria if it is adequately represented on another college transcript. The credit must be identifiable as AP, have a course designation (ex. ENGL1101), and credit hours (ex. 3). If UGA Admissions cannot determine course, hours or if it is AP credit, the credit will not be included in transferable hours.

4.  I was admitted to UGA as a first year student, but chose to go to another institution. Does this affect my future transfer application to UGA?

The first year and transfer application review are separate processes. A decision made for a first year applicant has no bearing on future application decisions.

5.  Does it matter where I go to school first in order to transfer to UGA?

Basically, no.  But UGA only accepts coursework from United States institutions accredited by their regional Association of Colleges and Schools. An Outsourced Credit Evaluation is required for Non-US institutions. Transferable credit from a Community or Technical College is generally listed in their Transfer/General Education Core. Advanced placement credit listed as specific courses on a college transcript may be transferable. Non-academic, sub-college level, non-credit, experiential learning, professional certification and areas of study not taught at UGA will not be transferred.

6.  I have  attended more than one institution. Do I need to send transcripts from every school at which I have taken college level work?

Official transcript(s) from all colleges or universities ever attended, including work completed through joint or dual enrollment programs, through study abroad work, or through work completed as a summer transient or any other program, are required for a complete application.

7.  How will I know which classes will transfer to UGA?

We cannot tell students what courses definitely will or will not transfer until an application and transcripts are submitted. For admitted students, we will provide a list of all UGA courses for which a student has received credit.

But, to get an idea of which courses will transfer, refer to our Transfer Equivalency Search System. Though this is not an exhaustive search engine, it does list courses that transfer to UGA and their UGA equivalent for many schools in the state of Georgia as well as many  non-Georgia schools.

8.  I'm using the transfer equivalency system on the admissions website and am having trouble understanding how my courses will transfer. What do all the symbols mean?

  • Any * on another school's course ID (ENG101*) on the left side of the search is not a factor in determining how it will transfer to UGA. If a UGA course equivalent contains a T and 2 asterisks in the course ID (ENGL2T**) on the right side, that course will transfer as an elective, rather than as an exact course equivalent. If a UGA course equivalent contains an A,B,C,D or E and 2 asterisks in the course ID (ENGL2D**), that course will transfer as an elective that will satisfy the corresponding Area.

  • Transfer Electives and Direct Equivalents (ENGL1101, MATH2T**) will transfer, count towards Admissions Requirements and may apply towards a UGA degree. Precisely how Transfer Electives will apply towards a degree may not be determined until UGA Orientation.

  • Nontransferable Courses (NTFR0T**) DO NOT transfer, count towards Admissions Requirements or apply towards a UGA degree.

  • Courses or Schools not on the Equivalency Search have not been researched and the General Rules are the only resource for determining transferability before acceptance.

9.  I received a failing grade in a course but have retaken the course. Will the failing grade be replaced?

In calculating your GPA, we use all academic grades you have earned in transferable courses (including Ds, Fs and WFs) from every college you have attended. If a course is repeated, we will use both grades. As well, we only review transfer work with specific course titles, course numbers and credit hours.

10.  What is a Non-Traditional Student?

A non-traditional applicant must meet all of the following criteria: have been out of high school for at least five years and have a high school class that graduated at least five years ago; hold a high school diploma from an accredited or approved high school, or have satisfactorily completed the GED; and have earned fewer than 30 transferable semester hours of college credit.

A non-traditional applicant must submit a letter with the application for admission detailing activities since high school and explaining the desire to attend the University of Georgia, as well as an official, sealed copy of their high school transcript. Any non-traditional applicant who cannot submit current official SAT I or ACT scores must take the COMPASS examination. Please contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-TEST for details.

11. Does UGA use my plus/minus grades from my previous college?

The UGA Admissions Office translates any plus/minus grades into straight letter grades, as the plus/minus systems at other schools do not always match our system, the HOPE scholarship program does not accept plus/minus grades, and our system cannot process plus/minus transfer grades.


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