The First Year Experience

Once a student is admitted to the University of Georgia, the real transition process begins. For both parents and students, the focus shifts from admission forms to all the other areas of UGA. This involves health forms, residence hall assignments and orientation. To assist you in this phase, we’ve compiled a checklist with links to help organize some of the issues new students need to address. Also, we have some advice from current UGA students for new first-year students on adjusting to college life. This information should help you prepare your student for the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead at the University of Georgia.

Advice from Current UGA Students

Admitted Student Checklist

With over 34,000 students (including 25,000 undergraduates), 605 acres, 525 student organizations and 170 majors in 17 schools and colleges, your child will have many opportunities to get involved in UGA's academic activities and UGA's extracurricular activities. However, all of these students and opportunities may be overwhelming for your son or daughter. Here is some advice from some former Orientation Leaders on making a smooth transition to UGA:

“Step outside your comfort zone! I challenge every student to explore new things. Join different organizations; say hello to the person sitting next to you on the bus; visit the museums; explore Athens; hang out with international students for a day. Find what you are passionate about—and go for it!”

Blair Bradberry


“I completely underestimated the workload [my first semester], and I decided to study the day before my finals...It was so bad I ended up wearing the same outfit for three days. I had no time to waste. Reading every day and studying my notes would have prevented me from my experience. Also, too many extracurricular activities can stifle your academic progress. There has to be a balance of work and play.”

Harlan Porter


“My most memorable experience at UGA so far is going ‘pot luck’ on my roommate choice my first year when I lived in Russell Hall. It was one of the best things that I ever decided to do. We never got into a fight, and we always had fun together. She ended up being one of my best friends and has been a positive influence for me throughout college.”

Kristin Opitz


“Don’t go home! I had thought that unless there was a home football game, Athens was dead on weekends. I learned that Athens is never dead. There is so much that I was missing when I went home for the weekend. Everyone should stay here for a month solid when they first get here and find things to get involved in.”

Nick Hondrum


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