Former Student Application Step One

Review these important dates and guidelines.

Important Application Deadlines for Former UGA Undergraduates

(All dates are postmark deadlines.)

  • For Spring Semester Enrollment - December 10
  • For Summer Semester Enrollment - May 18
  • For Fall Semester Enrollment - July 27

If a deadline falls on a Sunday or a federal holiday, the postmark deadline will be extended to the first business day following the published deadline.

  • Warning about browsers! The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has determined that some proprietary browsers  do not work reliably with Web application. However, using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher) instead of your proprietary browser will work. If you are using a proprietary browser, please minimize it and reconnect to the Undergraduate Admissions page using a browser listed above.
  • Verify that your Social Security number is correct. Unless you specify otherwise once you enroll, it will be your UGA student identification number and is required to match your application to official test scores (if required), transcripts and other documents, including Financial Aid Application forms. Note: The most common cause of processing and file completion delays is an incorrect or missing Social Security number.
  • If former students have flags on their records, the Office of Admissions will be unable to process the file. All flags must be taken care of and the Office of Admissions must then be notified of the change for an admission decision to be made.
  • You may pay the $25 Application Fee online. Once you have successfully submitted your online application, you will be directed to the Application Fee Payment Page. If you intend to use this payment option, please have your credit card information handy before your begin the Web application. If you select not to use the online credit card payment option, the application fee of $25 must be mailed to Attn: Online Fee, UGA Admissions Office, 212 Terrell Hall, Athens, GA 30602. In order to expedite application processing, please write your name, SSN and the words “WEB APP” on the front of your check, so we can match your application fee correctly with your Web application.
  • Scan through the entire Web application. There may be some items that require you to gather information not readily at hand.
  • When you submit your Web application, you may get a response that indicates you have left out some required information or entered a value out of range. If this happens, you will be automatically redirected to the first page in the application that contains an error. If a page contains an error, there will be an error message at the top of the page and next to every field with an improper value.
  • The Web application stores information on your local machine for a temporary period of time. If you are applying from a public terminal, you need to properly quit the application or others may be able to access your information. Make sure to either fully submit an application or use the provided button to quit the application. Then close all open instances of the Web browser you are using.
  • After you have successfully completed your Web application, you should see a confirmation page that includes your name, term, application type and some further information. If you do not see this confirmation page within a minute, you should return (via the Back button) to your application page and submit again.
  • Submit an official transcript from all colleges or universities attended since you were last enrolled at UGA.

Transcripts can be mailed to the following address:

UGA Undergraduate Admissions
Terrell Hall 210
S. Jackson Street
Athens, GA 30602-1633

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