UGA Admissions iPhone App

The University of Georgia Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to announce version 3.0 of the UGA Admissions iPhone App. The new version has been updated to include location-aware audiovisual tour of UGA's North Campus, searchable majors by school and areas of interest, emergency contacts, an information request form, application timelines, and UGA quick facts and traditions, all to help you navigate the University of Georgia.

Developed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, with the cooperation of the Office of Public Affairs, Enterprise IT Services, the Office of University Architects for Facilities Planning, and UGA Athletics, this app features a number of utilities for applicants, current students, faculty, staff members, and UGA alumni, as well as parents, visitors, Dawg Fans, and UGA enthusiasts everywhere.

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The features for version 3.0 include:

  • Application Status Check: UGA applicants who have submitted an application form and paid the application fee can use this utility to check on the status of their application, to make sure their transcripts, test scores, and other application materials have been received, and to find out their Admissions Decision once all applications have been process. Applicants are encouraged to check their statuses frequently during the admissions process.
  • Transfer Equivalency: This utility allows prospective transfer applicants find out what course credits will transfer over from other institutions. If you're curious about which courses you will already have credit for when you come to UGA, look up your current school using the Transfer Equivalency Search.
  • Campus Map:  By entering the name of a building on campus, or the four-digit building code, you can find out where the building is on the UGA residential campus in Athens, Georgia.  If your iPhone has GPS-capability, you will also be able to see where you are in relation to the building, and to get directions to the building using Google Maps.
  • Admissions News:  Find out about application deadlines, required materials, and when application forms are available, and what special UGA Admissions Events are taking place on campus.
  • UGA News:  Keep track of the latest events, activities, and alerts for the University of Georgia community.
  • UGA Sports News:  Find out game times, scores, and updates for all your favorite UGA sports, teams, and events.
  • People Search:  Look up contact information for UGA faculty, staff, or students.
  • At a Glance:   Browse the high points of this great institution, its students, faculty, alumnus, and athletics.
  • Campus Tour:  Explore the University of Georgia's historic North Campus on campus or right from your couch! On campus your GPS enabled iPhone will detect your location on North Campus giving you information regarding your location. Get to know UGA's beautiful North Campus before you visit with this great feature!
  • Majors:  Still deciding on a major? The Majors tool provides an easy to use reference to majors available at UGA and our satellite campuses at Griffin and Tifton.
  • Info Request:  Your first point of contact with the UGA Undergraduate Admissions office. Provide us with your contact details and we'll keep you in the loop on UGA Admissions events.
  • Emergency Contacts:  Your short list of contacts to on campus emergency responders.
  • Traditions:  Learn about UGA traditions such as the ringing of the Chapel bell, the Arch, our tenacious sports fans with the Traditions feature.
  • Timelines:  A quick reference on important dates regarding your application to the university.

To download the University Admissions iPhone App, just search for "UGA Admissions" in the iTunes App Store, or in the App Store utility on your Apple mobile device.



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