International Student Ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) help guide potential international applicants through the UGA application process, and are a point of contact for general questions about life as an international student at UGA. 

ISAs welcome newly admitted international students and respond to their pre-arrival questions and concerns. They also conduct guided tours for international campus visitors, such as prospective international students or foreign dignitaries, where they also advise on U.S. culture at UGA. 

Mary Chen

Hometown: Qingdao, China

Major(s): Accounting and International Business

Favorite Restaurant in Athens: Porterhouse Grill

Something Interesting About Me: I love ballet and ballroom dance!    

Favorite UGA Tradition: Ringing the Chapel Bell in honor of athletic victories

Favorite Spot on Campus: North Campus

Favorite College Class: International Strategic Management

Why I Came to UGA/Why I Enjoy UGA: I enjoy the academic environment as well as athletic spirit at UGA!

Notable First at UGA: I was the first one in my family to get a scholarship from an accounting firm and a degree abroad!       

*Visitors from Mainland China click here to watch Mary's video / 中国大陆访客点此观看视频 

Mats Haugen

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Major(s): Business Management

Favorite Restaurant in Athens: The Last Resort

Something Interesting About Me: I have lived above the Polar Circle, kissed a wolf and served a year in the Norwegian Army.

Favorite Musical Spot in Athens: The Georgia Theatre

Favorite UGA Tradition: Waiting until graduation to walk under the Arch, and ringing the Chapel Bell. 

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Founders Garden and Herty Field

Favorite College Class: Interpersonal Communication and MIST 2090

Why I Came to UGA: I thought that the most important point for me when coming to the U.S. was to go somewhere where I could learn more about the American culture and college life without being one of many international students.

Why I Enjoy UGA: I enjoy it here because everyone is so easy going and welcoming, and you learn or experience something new every day. The great mix between an awesome social scene with endless opportunities, good academics and southern hospitality makes it easy to enjoy your time here. 

Notable First at UGA: Part of the first International Student Ambassadors group


Revati Khatri

Hometown: Dunwoody, Georgia - United States

Major(s): Math and Physics & Astronomy

Favorite Restaurant in Athens: Porterhouse Grill

Favorite UGA Tradition: Avoiding traffic on game day

Favorite Spot on Campus: Snelling nap room

Favorite College Class: Any Astronomy class

Why I Came to UGA/Why I Enjoy UGA: I originally came to UGA with plans to transfer however ended up loving it here because of the incredibly home-y atmosphere that the students and teachers create. Also, despite the fact that I have embarrassed myself multiple times nobody remembers, thank goodness. 

Notable First at UGA: This would be my notable first--being a part of the first ISA group.


Yiwen Sun

Hometown: Shenyang, China

Major(s): Accounting

Favorite Restaurant in Athens: Yummy Pho

Favorite Musical Spot in Athens: Georgia Theatre

Favorite UGA Tradition: Never walking under the Arch until graduation

Favorite Spot on Campus: Founders Garden

*Visitors from Mainland China click here to watch Yiwen's video / 中国大陆访客点此观看视频

Contact us

Contact us for more information about how you can join the FIRST. 

  • (+1) 706-542-8776
  • Mon - Fri 9:00am - 4:00 pm (EST)
  • 210 South Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602-1633
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