Top Ten UGA Admissions Urban Legends Transcription 


0:12 : I’m sitting on Historic North Campus, my favorite part of campus.

0:16 : This is where so many of the traditions of the University of Georgia have taken place.

0:19 : But there are lots of myths about UGA also. We’ve condensed it down to 10 for you.

0:26 : Myth number one: Quotas.

0:29 : Quotas. Now we hear that one a lot.

0:31 : University of Georgia is first and foremost looking for academically prepared students.

0:36 : We don’t limit the number of students by high school or by county.

0:40 : We don’t hold to a certain percentage of a class.

0:43 : We don’t limit by hair color, or blood type, or astrological sign. No…

0:50 : Number two. BAM: Minimum test scores or GPA.

0:55 : The University of Georgia has not used a minimum grade point average or test score in over 15 years.

1:00 : It’s a competitive admissions process.

1:02 : We’re looking at the best students that we can.

1:04 : We’re looking at them relative to all of the students who are applying, and then we’re trying to figure out just how many seats we’ll have in that freshman class.

1:12 : Number three: Test scores are the most important factor.

1:16 : No, the test scores are not the single most important factor to get into the University of Georgia.

1:22 : Over 40 years of history and analysis tell us that the courses you choose in high school and the work that you do in high school are the best predictors of your success at UGA.

1:31 : Myth number four: Take the easy courses.

1:35 : Easy courses are not the way to get into the University of Georgia.

1:38 : In fact, every year there are students with 4.0 grade point averages that are not admitted to the University of Georgia, because they took the easy courses.

1:47 : We expect you to challenge yourself in high school so that you’re ready for UGA.

1:51 : Number five: Different standards for non-Georgians.

1:55 : Families from out-of-state often think that it’s harder to get into the University of Georgia because they’re not from Georgia.

2:01 : As much as we welcome everyone to the University of Georgia, even those who aren’t from Georgia, we hope they’ll understand that we use the same competitive process for all students.

2:11 : Myth number six: Early action versus regular decision.

2:16 : Early action versus regular decision: that’s a tough family decision that has to be made every year.

2:21 : Students who want us to consider their senior year grades, later test scores, their activities or their essays should definitely apply regular action.

2:30 : By the way, you can apply early and apply regular action.

2:34 : Just submit the application well before the deadline and mark “Regular Decision.”

2:40 : Myth number seven: Summer trial programs.

2:45 : Ah, summer start.

2:47 : Lots of students think that if they apply and say that they’re going to start school in the summer, that it’s easier to be admitted to UGA.

2:54 : That’s not the case.

2:55 : We use the exact same criteria for both summer and fall.

2:59 : Although there are plenty of students who decide that they want to get a start on their academic career and begin their work in the summer at UGA.

3:06 : Number eight: Legacy.

3:09 : No, it won’t help your application for admission to list every family member who ever attended the University of Georgia.

3:16 : While we love the family tradition, and we welcome your application, and about 25% of our freshman class will have family members who’ve attended the University of Georgia, we don’t take legacy into consideration in your application for admission.

3:32 : Myth number nine: Which classes are used in calculating GPA?

3:38 : Research at the University of Georgia has shown that the best predictor of success at the University of Georgia are those courses you’ve taken that are academic in high school.

3:47 : Therefore, we’re only going to use your academic subjects when we calculate your grade point average.

3:52 : In fact, it’s a good idea to have a copy of your transcript right next to you as you’re completing your application.

3:57 : That’ll give you access to the courses you’ve taken and the grades you’ve earned in them throughout high school.

4:02 : Myth number ten: Early admission students show their desire to attend the university.

4:11 : Early action is one of two ways to apply to the University of Georgia, and we love the fact that students are using that as a way to show their interest in the University of Georgia.

4:19 : However, early action students don’t have any advantage over regular decisions when it comes to being admitted to the University of Georgia.

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